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   Chapter 1294 Austin Is Telling The Truth

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'I know him! This elder in the green robes has helped me a lot, ' Austin remembered.

"Oh, it's you.

It's an honor to meet you again. I'm fine, thanks,"

Austin replied in a humble tone, cupping his hands at the two elders in a show of respect.

"Good, good. That's great to hear,"

the man replied with a nod.

"Julius, Peter, what's your relationship with this brat? Why do you keep coming to his rescue every time something's up?"

Baldwin questioned in a still furious tone, glowering at the two elders.

He knew that the two elders would stop him from taking Austin's life.

Julius, who was dressed in green, and Peter, who was dressed in red, were both powerful elders and he couldn't afford to fight them and Austin at once.

In fact, the two of them were rather prestigious people in the South Continent and it wouldn't be wise to provoke them.

"Baldwin, what did this boy ever do to you? Why do you want him dead so badly?"

Peter countered without replying to Baldwin's question, rolling his eyes at the latter.


Baldwin was so furious at this that he ground his teeth hard, almost biting his lips in the process.

"Peter, don't even think for a second that I fear you. If we get into a fight, you might lose,"

he finally continued after a moment, staring at Peter with a disgruntled look on his face.

"I know that I am a bit old now, so I don't like resorting to violence and force. But if you insist, I'll not flinch in face of a fight," Peter responded.

Apparently, he too wasn't afraid of offending Baldwin.

"Baldwin, just let this matter go, for my sake,"

Julius told Baldwin, cupping his hands to show that he didn't want to fight, but discuss matters amicably.

Baldwin's gaze flirted at Julius's face for a moment and then, with a hesitant look in his eyes, they turned towards Austin.

'With these two old men around, it's gonna be hard for me to take care of Austin.

What's worse, he has a strong helper on his side—that stupid demon!

Looks like I will not be able to end Austin; at least not today, ' he mused.


Julius, Peter, are you sure you want to take this brat's side?

You can see for yourself that he walks around with a demon who is amazingly powerful. Don't you think we should figure out what's going on between those two? Why would a demon be on his side?

You also know that we had reached an agreement and

ought to himself.

However, Baldwin didn't even want to let him take the high road! "Austin, you're a liar and a cheat. You took the post against everyone's will. Don't think you can fool us; we know what you are!"

Colin berated emotionally, pointing at Austin with his index finger in a warning tone.

"Humph! You're young, but you're tricky. You're not going to have a good ending!"

Baldwin tried to add to Colin's insult, casting an angry glare at Austin.

"Hang on! There's no need for unnecessary finger-pointing and conjectures! I can prove that Commander Austin is telling the truth. We asked him to lead us in our fight against the demons.

He didn't use any dirty means to ensnare or trap us.

Everyone in this city is a witness to that fact," Clark suddenly spoke up loudly after hesitating for a while.

He took a step forward and then turned towards the cultivators in the city.

"Everyone, you were there, weren't you? Austin agreed to be the commander just at our request, right? Are you all witness to that fact?" he asked in a clear and ringing voice.

The whole space quieted down for some moments.

Every single person who had fought beside Austin glanced at one another, waiting for someone to speak.

Moments later, not someone, but everyone did.

"Yes, he is right. We asked Austin to take charge of this place. He is here only because of us!"

The cultivators of the Trinary Star city bore witness in unison and announced simultaneously.

Over fifty thousand people spoke at the same time, their voices ringing loud and clear and shaking the earth and the sky.

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