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   Chapter 1293 Getting Into The Fight

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A large crowd gathered around and waited anxiously for the young man's fate. There was a murderous roar, ''You are very arrogant, kid! Is this the way you treat your elders?"

"How dare this ignorant kid abuse his elders? I don't care whether he is a spy of the demon race or not. He shall be sentenced to death for this capital crime.''

''Baldwin, I suggest we skip the interrogation part. Just sentence him to death!"

Austin's derisive words had driven the warriors mad with rage. Everyone screamed and rallied for Baldwin to kill him where he stood.

''Ha-ha-ha! Your ignorance and rudeness was somewhat refreshing.

You were the one who asked for it.

In the name of the Southern Alliance Headquarters, I revoke your position of commander of the Trinary Star City. All your deeds in this city will be considered as the highest form of treason.

You are also found guilty of abusing and slandering the elders, a crime that deserves capital punishment!

You are hereby sentenced to...


Baldwin stepped forward. His eyes blazed with murderous intent as dark clouds rolled into the area as he released his sword intent.

There was a brief flash of light as a sword soared into the sky from Baldwin's sheath.

He looked at Austin with deep contempt. "Austin, this same day next year will be your memorial day!

You should learn to respect your elders and be humble in your next life."


In a split second, Baldwin rushed forward and aimed his blade straight at Austin!

A powerful, destructive, sword aura engulfed the entire place.

The sword fell down and easily cut through the void. The light from the sword was blinding and the sword intent extremely overwhelming.

Everyone watched with rapt attention as the sword made its way towards Austin, never wavering in its path.

Stuck in a space, Austin winced as he felt the overwhelming sword intent seal of the space around him.

He was essentially held captive inside the sword aura's impenetrable prison cell.

Baldwin's attack was

been said that the mysterious demon defeated all the five demon saints of the demon race.

This rumor helped Baldwin gauge the demon's power since he was aware of just how powerful the demon saints were.

With the hope of defeating the mysterious demon, Baldwin almost used his full force when he released his attack.

He wanted to take down Austin once for all.

Using his spiritual sense, Baldwin also perceived the lightning-fast flight of the two masters that were headed towards Trinary Star City.

He knew that these two were quickly rushing over to rescue Austin.

Out of desperation he wanted to kill Austin with just one move before those two masters arrived.

He unleashed his power, expecting it to hit. To his shock, it was easily deflected by the demon!

''Baldwin, stop it!''

someone yelled out from a distance.

Two figures quickly rushed towards the scene.

There were two elders who had now intervened this fight. One was dressed in green while the other in red. Both stood by Austin's side protectively.

''Are you okay, kid?''

The elder in green robe seemed extremely concerned about Austin's wellbeing.

'I know them!'

Austin quickly recognized the two elders when they stood in front of him.

They were the leaders of the team who once headed for the Middle World Waters in search for the Battle Emperor.

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