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   Chapter 1292 Who The Hell Are You

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The scene in the Trinary Star City was a lazy and solemn one.

Everyone here had been busy either resting or cultivating for the last two days.

The need for this respite arose from the fact that most of them had gotten slightly, or even badly injured during the war the other day.

Even those who hadn't sustained any injuries had been squeezed out of a great amount of vital energy and needed some time to replenish it.

However, things weren't as bleak as they sounded; most cultivators were back in their peak conditions within two days.

This was mainly thanks to the cultivation resources Austin had provided them with.

An additional benefit was that those abundant training resources, when combined with the tense battle they had faced had let some of the cultivators make breakthroughs.

When this came to Austin's knowledge, he seemed glad to hear about their progress in cultivation.

Inside the castellan's residence, Austin, the queen, and all those masters whose cultivation bases were at or above the Primal Holy Realm were gathered in the hall.

"Those demons who attacked us were from the Crescent Kingdom near the Purple Phoenix Holy Kingdom. It is a small one and we have some good news.

According to our spies, the number of demons in the Crescent Kingdom is the lowest among all. Only fifty thousand demons stand guard in that area.

I am planning to attack that kingdom and wipe out every single demon present there. Leave none alive, so to speak,"

Austin announced.

"Sir, we only have slightly more than fifty thousand men right now.

I'm not sure if we can get that country back,"

Clark responded with a frown.

"Yes I know. And there are only over fifty thousand demons in that kingdom. So, no need to worry. We can destroy them," Austin reassured him with a calm smile.

And he was seconded soon.

"I agree with the commander. Last time, we fought off one hundred thousand demons. This time, it's only fifty thousand or so.

Therefore, I'm sure that we'll succeed this time as well,"

Brandon voiced out his thought.

There was another reason behind his surefire belief of success. 'That mysterious demon can take care of more than twenty thousand demons on its own.

It's not going to be a difficult task for us to slaughter every single demon in that kingdom.' He was thinking about Austin's demon.

"Alright, then. If that's the case, I'm okay with that.

And it is true. If we can really wipe out the demons of the Crescent Kingdom, it will be a sign to the demons and will also mark the success of our retaliation.

That would mean a lot in the long t

ss the country.

Even the elders and the leaders of the top-most sects in the South Continent would behave humbly and treat him in a respectful manner. They spoke highly of him and didn't dare criticize him.

But now, a young man was challenging him like that. Who knew what would be the ramifications of such a stupid choice!

"You brat!" An elder dressed like a Taoist priest cut through the silence and walked over to Baldwin's side.

He was trembling violently in anger and his face had turned red.

"You're getting way too cocky, Austin.

Who the hell do you think you are? Baldwin is a distinguished master and he can ask anything of you. How can you dare to provoke him?

You should really learn to be humble and know your place.

Now kneel before Baldwin and apologize to him. Beg him for forgiveness or you're going to be dead meat today!"

The man who was lecturing Austin in ethics was Colin.

"Oh hey, it's you.

Wait, I don't get it. You're nothing but a deserter. Why have you come here again?

Do you have no shame?"

Austin calmly responded with a sneer, turning towards Colin now.

"You... "

Colin was so furious now that he couldn't find the words to curse this man. He glared at him with a resentful look in his eyes, though in his heart, there were more than a thousand emotions and thoughts for Austin.

Everyone knew that Colin had run away from the battlefield the other day. With that feat, he had become a laughingstock among the cultivators of the South Continent.

To be honest, Colin regretted being a deserter a lot, but now, when Austin had mentioned this matter again in public, it had brought back too many painful memories.

Colin's resentment towards Austin was beyond description now.

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