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   Chapter 1291 Headquarters Of The Southern Alliances Army

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The elder who was dressed like a Taoist priest was none other than Colin; a powerful man who had been in charge of troops sent by the Southern Alliances stationed in the Trinary Star City.

Baldwin was brandishing an overwhelmingly powerful sword aura. When he waved his hand, a vague figure, much like some sort of hologram appeared in front of him. A couple of seconds later, the vision was made clear and the person's face could be seen clearly.

Though virtual, the image was clear enough for it to be recognized as that of Austin.

"Yeah, that's him," Colin confirmed through gritted teeth. There could be no doubt about it.

He glowered at the vision, as if even in virtual reality, Austin was his biggest enemy. His eyes were blazing with an infinite amount of spite.

"I see.

Humph! No wonder he had the balls to take your place. The guy surely is a trouble-maker,"

Baldwin sneered.

If Austin had been here, he would immediately have recognized Baldwin as the person who had intimidated him into handing over the Magic Sea Water to him in the Nonuple Isles.

"So. As it turns out, you were referring to this boy,"

Julius remarked with a smile.

"Buddy, is he that same brat we met in the Middle World Waters?"

another elder in a blazing red robe asked Julius, who was sitting right next to him; and he chose to do so through his spiritual sense.

"Of course that's him. Are those your eyes or coat-buttons?"

Julius rolled his eyes at the elder.

"Ha-ha, this boy always never ceases to surprise me.

You know what, just let him be. I'm looking forwards to seeing what he is going to do next."

This remark was coming from another elder, who was visible at a distance from his flowing white robes.

His name was Godwin.

"From what I can gather, there's a gnawing suspicion on the back of my mind that Austin is a spy sent by the demon race.

I saw that he was with a powerful demon when we crossed paths.

The guy did nothing, but that demon attacked me and I was no match for him," Colin told Baldwin.

He could tell that Baldwin had some sort of trouble brewing with Austin.

"Oh, is that so? Interesting! The demon race is our enemy, but Austin roams around with a demon.

You are right. I am also willing to bet that he is a spy sent by the demon race.

Besides, he even stole your place. Obviously he infiltrated us and tried to eliminate us with the demons. He is an altogether evil guy.

Guys, I think we should take Austin prisoner and interrogate him,"

Baldwin suggested grimly, coming to a final conclusion.

"A spy sent by the demon race?

Baldwin, it was only under Austin's leadership

welcome in the South Continent."

The elder in the red robe remarked to Julius through his spiritual sense, so that no one else could hear them.

Julius was a senior, well-respected figure in the South Continent. His opinion mattered quite a bit in the decision-making processes.

The elder in the red robe was called Peter, and he was also an important, highly respected figure in the continent, much like Julius. However, Godwin was perhaps the most powerful.

"More or less yeah. There are many people here from the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom. And each of them has some sort of business or the other with the sects and clans that Austin has messed with in the past. Of course they are unhappy with him.

It is said that Austin has also offended the Thunder Sect and the Cyan Sect in the Elite Holy Kingdom. In fact, he hasn't stopped there. News of his trouble with the Holy Sect in the Purple Phoenix Holy Kingdom has also reached my ears. I'm really impressed. How did he manage to piss so many people off at once?"

Julius replied through his spiritual sense.

Half a day later, dozens of people from the Mysterious Sky City, where the headquarters of the Southern Alliances Army was located, leapt into the air with a graceful jump and headed towards the Trinary Star City.

Baldwin took lead of the company, followed by Colin and a group of numerous strong cultivators. They were prepared for resistance. But they weren't all the travelers today.

Pretty soon after they left the Mysterious Sky City, two more cultivators left for the Trinary Star City.

These were Julius and Peter.

A while after they had disappeared from vision, another elder in a white robe soared into the sky and began moving towards the Trinary Star City.

He was Godwin.

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