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   Chapter 1290 Long Live Commander Austin! (Part Two)

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So I have a plan. We will launch an attack after our men have fully recovered!"

Austin commanded thoughtfully, looking into the distance at all his wounded men.

It took Clark quite a while to come to his senses. Finally, he stopped staring at the shining crystals and listened to what his leader had just said.

Again, he took a deep breath to calm down a bit before speaking, "Got it! I'll make sure all the men get their share equally!" Clark replied.

He paused a bit and then continued, "I just want to say that having you as the leader of the Trinary Star City is truly a blessing for all of us! The garrison here could never have got a better commander than you!"

Clark's eyes were filled with both appreciation and admiration.

'What a promising young guy!' Clark couldn't stop thinking.

After all, five million divine vital energy crystals were a great fortune. Not many men could have that huge amount of them in hand. And hardly would one present them to others.

An ordinary cultivator could never imagine getting a hundred divine vital energy crystals in his wildest dreams! Now all of them were told that they would get those crystals for free! That was crazy!

The truth was that Austin too would have found it unbelievable some time ago. His heart had really ached when he was using nearly twenty divine vital energy crystals to fuel the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot earlier.

"Are you really planning to attack the demon race, sir?"

Clark asked after putting all the divine vital energy crystals away.

"Yes. Indeed I am planning to do so.

We might slip into a passive state if we just wait for them to come. My point is that uncertainty can make our army worried and tensed. Waiting for the enemy to rise and approach us, is not a wise option always.

But if we attack them actively after we are fully prepared, we can catch them by surprise. That will enable us to wipe

the South Continent. As they sat in silence, they seemed to be quite irritated.

"Well, I'm quite surprised. I never expected that the young man…what's his name again? Ah…Austin. I never thought he could lead that weak crowd to resist the demon race army of the size of a hundred thousand. Not only that, he has actually crippled a major part of the demon race and forced them to retreat.

It's so very funny, isn't it?"

an old man among the core members commented. His hair was matted together. His face became red after drinking excessive alcohol. His brandy nose looked bigger when he smiled and shook the big bottle of wine in his hand. When speaking of Austin, there was a hint of appreciation in his tone.


But he's just a boy. He's achieved so little yet he keeps acting in such a high-profile way. What's so good about it?

And now he has seized the power and declared himself as the commander of the Trinary Star City! This is outrageous! In fact, I think that he has betrayed the Southern Alliances Army by doing so!

Come here, Colin. Tell me if this is the man called Austin!"

demanded a middle-aged man in a white coat. The sword aura he released was surging high into the air. He was talking to an old man dressed like a Taoist priest.

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