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   Chapter 1289 Long Live Commander Austin! (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6811

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Austin wasn't wrong. There was a stunning number of treasures cramming the dozens of Space Rings that Clark had handed over to him. They included vital energy crystals, elixirs and magic treasures. Austin couldn't tell exactly how many of them were there, even with his powerful spiritual sense.

After all, over a hundred thousand warriors and members of the demon race had died in the fierce battle.

One couldn't even comprehend what a big achievement it was if all the treasures they carried were collected together. Those Space Rings were full, literally bursting as they had such large amounts of treasures in them.

In particular, the demon race had contributed the most. This was easy to understand. After they had arrived at the South Continent, they waged battles, seized territories and plundered treasures. They had occupied almost half of the land, and everywhere they went, all the wealth and treasures got into their possession. The Prime Martial World was a land of plenty, of course, they would not waste such a good chance and grabbed as many valuable things as they could.

Therefore, it was easy to imagine that each of them was carrying nearly a treasure vault wherever they went. Each one had more treasures than the average human warriors.

And the stronger they were, the more treasures they had gathered. But now, it was time for the greedy creatures to return the treasures to the humans.

Austin pondered for a while after he knew what possibly could be there in the Space Rings. It was not a small matter, he had to consider what to do with all those things.

"Alright! These are actually our trophies, which have been earned by our men, by giving their blood and even lives.

Just give them out to all our men as reward for their courage. I hope everyone makes good use of them as cultivation resources," Austin announced his decision.

"You know, it is the army's provisions that guarantee its victory.

All these vital energy crystals, elixirs and magic treasures are like our provisions. We

o as I say,"

he said with determination in his voice. He announced it sternly on seeing that Clark was trying to persuade him to change his decision.

"No problem. I assure you that all the warriors will get what they deserve!"

Clark answered with a smile. He bowed admirably and was about to leave with those Space Rings when Austin suddenly stopped him.

"Ah! I nearly forgot. Please wait,"

Austin said as he remembered something.

He touched his own Space Ring. A large amount of shining vital energy crystals appeared on the floor beside Clark.

"Divine vital energy crystals!"

Clark exclaimed. His eyes widened when he recognized all the diamond-like stones before him. He was utterly surprised. Not only did he realize that Austin owned treasures as valuable as the divine vital energy crystals, but also came to know that he had a huge number of them. There were nearly five million in total!

"Give these crystals to the cultivators as well. If I'm not mistaken, each one should get about a hundred crystals," Austin said while Clark was still staring at those divine vital energy crystals.

"Tell everyone to waste no time and begin increasing their cultivation at the earliest.

I don't think it is wise for us to just sit back and wait for the demon race to attack and offend us. We should take the initiative instead.

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