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   Chapter 1288 Get Lost

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This current situation was totally absurd! So much so that Austin couldn't help but give both Colin and Jason a piercing glare.

He gave them a mocking smile. "What was that just now? The Southern Alliances Army leaders will punish me?

Do you hear yourself when you speak?

Do you honestly not remember what you did? Must I remind you?

You were the one who ran away from the battlefield. Now, you come back here and accuse me of betraying the Southern Alliances Army.

You've got no right to put the blame on me.

I believe the leaders will be fair. I've no doubt that they will punish the real traitors.

You should get lost!"

Austin smirked.


Elder Jason of the Thunder Sect huffed.

Colin's eyes darkened in fury at Austin's words.

He breathed heavily and tried to contain the all-consuming rage that threatened to spill out of him.

What Austin said just now was true. During the battle, over ten thousand cultivators had seen him flee.

He was so enraged. He knew what Austin said was technically correct, but he couldn't just let the insults pass.

He looked up at Austin in fury. "Such an eloquent man! It seems you're very talented at framing people."

Colin lifted his chin up high, as if he was an upright general rather than a traitor who had deserted the battlefield. "I'm still the commander here. I'm going to lock you up because you colluded with the demon race. The superiors will punish you accordingly!"

With that bold declaration, Colin suddenly charged at Austin with extreme aggression!

However, instead of dodging, Austin merely stood still.


There was a flash of dark light as a demon suddenly stood in front of Austin, protecting him from his charging opponent.


In a loud sound of explosion, Colin was forced to fly backwards.

He was sent around a thousand meters away by the demon. Blood spilled from the corner of his mouth and it took him quite a while to steady himself.

His eyes were full of shock as he tried to put together the events of what just happened.

He pointed an accusatory finger at Austin. "I knew you were a traitor! You colluded with a demon.

Tell me honestly, what's your mission? What do you want from


He dashed forward without looking back.

Austin, together with the queen returned to the castellan's residence.

"Looks like they think highly of you," the queen smiled and praised him.

There was an unusual expression in her eyes as she looked at him.

She had known Austin for quite some time and she knew he was no ordinary man. He had a set of special qualities that made him stand out from the rest.

"Master, you were very cool today!

How do you feel?"

Violet's cheerful voice rang out in Austin's Soul Sea.

"He must feel fantastic now. Can't you see that he's in such a good mood now?"

the gnome snorted.

"Come on, guys, stop teasing me.

Being the commander is no child's play.

I will definitely get a lot of work to do,"

Austin reminded them but the happiness was evident in his tone.

He and the queen sat down to get some rest in the hall.

Moments later, he got two visitors—Clark and Brandon.

They saluted respectfully at Austin and showed him the object in their hands. "Sir, we found these in the battlefield.

These are at your disposal,"

Clark said, as he handed dozens of Space Rings to Austin.


Austin was surprised.

He then took all the rings, and then used his spiritual sense to check their contents.

Austin couldn't help but gasp! Inside the rings were vital energy crystal, herbs, elixirs, pills and various magic treasures.

These cultivation resources were important to all cultivators.

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