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   Chapter 1287 Accused Of Usurping Collin's Position

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Within an instant, Austin, who was still checking the preparation in midair of the Trinary Star City, detected dozens of people speedily flying towards him.

The small team was led by an old man dressed like a Taoist priest. He was the former top leader of the Trinary Star City, who was known as a deserter in when the battle between the human and demon race was in a critical moment––with the former about to lose.

Austin, having carefully examined the other people behind the old man, could not help but be taken aback.

Behind the geezer were Elder Jason from the Thunder Sect and a few other elders from several sects of the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom, such as the Sky Sect and the Magic Hand Sect.

Those people, just like the old man, had quietly escaped from the fierce battle just now.

To Austin's surprise, they didn't feel ashamed of their desertion and even had the nerve to return to the Trinary Star City.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

At the exact moment, Clark, Brandon, and the seven warriors at the Primal Holy Realm, who had detected the elders' arrival, immediately flew beside Austin at an extremely fast speed. They were definitely worried about Austin's safety.

The old man, who dressed like a Taoist priest, was called Collin. His cultivation based was at the medium stage of Holy Realm, so he was relatively a powerful opponent.

The moment Collin arrived, he saw Austin suspended in midair as if he was the top leader who was examining everything below him. Colin was utterly surprised, and his face changed slightly while his eyes remained intensely fixated on Austin.

Soon, however, he became particularly enthusiastic about Austin. As a sophisticated man, Collin had sized up the situation and knew that it was not wise to fight the latter.

"Ha-ha, I believe, you're the Austin I've heard of so many times.

As a young man, you are amazing and outstanding at fighting!

I've heard that you have also contributed to today's battle.

Well done, young man! I greatly appreciate such young people with vigor and drive.

As the top leader of this Trinary Star City, I have always been very fair in giving rewards and punishments

Austin, the contribution you made today will be personally recorded by me.

Don't worry. I'll reward you accordingly."

Collin spoke clearly like a master who was praising his apprentice.

Hearing Collin spoke in a superior tone, Austin smiled lightly and said nothing.

He became quite aware of the reason why Collin suddenly came back to the Trinary Star City.

Collin had the intention to continue being the leader of the city, even though he was disqualified after his desertion from

day, these warriors around witnessed that Colin, as their former top leader, abandoned his men and deserted when the situation was unfavorable to the human race.

Deep inside, they all had been extremely disappointed with him.

Yet, at the same critical moment, Austin stepped forward, seemingly like a God from Heaven.

He not only saved all the warriors' lives but also led them to fight against the demon race. Under his leadership, they were greatly encouraged and finally defeated the demon race, who fled in the end.

Until that very moment, the warriors stationed at the Trinary Star City would still feel excited and encouraged when they thought of what had happened today.

So, almost all of them chose Austin without any hesitation.

"How dare you!"

You are really going too far!

Colin is the top leader of this city, appointed legally by the headquarters of the Southern Alliances Army.

You are completely betraying the Southern Alliances Army!

Clark, how could you galvanize those warriors to betray the Southern Alliances Army? Shame on you all!

Do you know you have committed a crime?"

All of a sudden, Elder Jason from the Thunder Sect jumped to his feet and swore loudly, causing everyone to shift their attention at him.

He had accumulated grudge against Austin and hated the latter for a long time. He could not just watch him be the leader of Trinary Star City and do nothing.

"And you, Austin, you're usurping Collin's legal title. Aren't you afraid of being investigated by the Southern Alliances Army?"

Elder Jason turned to Austin and snapped angrily.

Elder Jason appeared desperate to not let Austin be the chief commander of that city, and he even kept mentioning the Southern Alliances Army to scare Austin and his followers.

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