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   Chapter 1286 Take On The Commander

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 10002

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Half a day later, the horrific war finally drew to a close.

All the warriors of the demon race had either perished or simply surrendered and ran away. As a result, there were no longer any traces of the demon race anywhere near the Trinary Star City.

All in all, out of the one hundred thousand demon warriors at the start of the war, only a little more than forty thousand were able to escape unharmed.

That meant the demon army had a mass of casualties — more than half of their army, for that matter.

As the war finally drew to an end, Austin quietly recalled the demonic avatar and put it back into his body.

Meanwhile, all of the other human warriors in the Trinary Star City had their eyes on Austin.

At that point, there were still about fifty thousand human warriors left.

Originally, around one hundred thousand human warriors had been stationed in the Trinary Star City. After the cruel war, about half of the army did not survive.

More than that, there were also a small number of human warriors who chose to be deserters throughout the course of the war.

Nevertheless, at that moment, more than fifty thousand pairs of eyes were fixed on Austin.

Suddenly, an old man in yellow stood up.

"Sir, we were able to win the war all because of you.

You saved all of us. If it weren't for you, we would have been killed by the demon army.

I cannot tell you how thankful I am!"

This old man's cultivation base was in the preliminary stage of Semi-holy Realm. Thus, he was strong enough to be considered equal to the queen.

"Hah-hah, one of the main reasons why we were able to win the war was the solidarity among all of the warriors.

I just did what I had to do,"

Austin said with a smile.

"Sir, since Colin escaped during the war, the garrison of the Trinary Star City is now in need of a new leader. If the garrison is left without a leader, we will be left with weak defenses if the demon army ever decides to come again.

So, I have an idea.

Please take the role of the commander of the garrison of the Trinary Star City and lead us in any fight we may have against the demon race,"

the old man in yellow suddenly said to Austin.

"What? Me?"

Austin was surprised.

"Gentlemen, I wonder what you think of my proposal."

The old man in yellow glanced at the rest of the human warriors as he waited for a response.

"Sir, please be our commander and lead us in fights against the demon race!"

More than fifty thousand human warriors shouted in unison.

The sonorous sound echoed all throughout heaven and earth.

At that point, all of the human warriors had been surrounded by the demon army and had to choose between surrendering and being killed.

But at the most critical moment, it was Austin who was able to turn the whole situation around and tip the balance in favor of the human army.

For this exact reason, it was quite clear to all of the people there that their lives had been saved by Austin.


om, and the elders from several other big sects secretly left with their disciples after the war,"

Clark said.

Austin immediately got the point. The people from these sects hated him. Thus, when he took on the role of the commander of the Trinary Star City, they naturally chose to leave.

Finally accepting the situation he was now in, Austin then let Clark and Brandon serve as vice commanders in charge of the affairs of the Trinary Star City.

The seven people at the Primal Holy Realm were also bestowed specific positions on to assist the two vice commanders in the management of the Trinary Star City.

Aside from the fact that Austin had little interest in his position, he also had very little experience in regards to marching, fighting, and managing an army. Thus, as soon as he became the commander, he assigned most of the responsibilities to others.

Afterwards, Austin then let the members of the Heaven Pavilion Sect and the evil shadow race get out of the City model.

There were more than eight thousand people in total.

Then, Austin asked Clark to place these people in the garrison of the Trinary Star City.

After a short discussion, Clark and Brandon left with the seven people at the Primal Holy Realm to carry out their own duties.

After such a big war, there were many things to deal with, such as cleaning up the battlefield, stabilizing the morale of the army, and so on.

Meanwhile, Austin and the queen flew directly above the Trinary Star City and saw that everything had already been put in perfect order again.

Upon seeing everyone keeping themselves busy with their own things, Austin felt a little relieved.

Then, at that moment, Austin suddenly felt something strange and stared off into the distance.

As he looked on, he saw dozens of figures galloping from the horizon.

"Oh, it's him?

How dare he come back to the Trinary Star City?"

When Austin sensed who the figure at the head of the line was, he was surprised.

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