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   Chapter 1285 The Demon Army Gets Routed

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White sword auras billowed out like waves. Streaks of bright column-like sword-lights shot out, forming a huge white dragon. It growled and charged at the demons.

Puff! Puff! Puff!

Undoubtedly, the primeval magic treasure was far more powerful than the archaic magic treasure.

The hot air that blew out of the sword turned about a thousand demons into blood mist.

At the same moment, a young man and a tall demonic body began to attack at the same time.

An overwhelming killing intent swept towards the huge demon army of one hundred thousand.

Demons were quickly cut like straw. They got no chance to run or even think of any way to escape.

The sixty or seventy thousand human cultivators, who were standing there, gaped at those two figures.

They were in a state of great shock.

They didn't expect that the murderous will of those two figures could be stronger than that of a hundred thousand demons!

"Kill them!"

All of a sudden, the words were shouted by someone and then it resonated in the hearts of all the human cultivators.

They became excited and their spirits rose high.

Hope kindled up inside every human cultivator again!


A nearly transparent, beautiful figure quickly rushed out, with a surging flame and billowing green wind balls to attack the demons.

It was the queen.

"Kill them all!"

"Protect our homeland! Kill the demons!"

The next moment, all the human cultivators began shouting out in unison. Suddenly their body seemed to be surging with power to fight.

The clamor of the battle shook the earth.

Raging murderous will was radiating from the crowd. Everyone started rushing toward the demon army. They were filled with a rage which made them look like ferocious wolves and tigers.

Sensing their high morale through his spiritual sense, Austin gave a sigh of relief. He felt relaxed and a soft smile came on his face.

It was just what he wanted. The human cultivators had finally regained their morale.

'Destroy the leader and the army will collapse!'

This tactic flashed through Austin's mind.

And the demonic avatar directly fell upon the remaining four demon saints.


The demonic avatar swished across the air.

Blessed by strong demonic power, it moved extremely fast. It seemed to be faster than light and air.

Since the demonic avatar was equal to the extension of Austin's body, it could directly exert those demonic skills that Austin had mast

nt Dragon Sword.

It meant that the demons were reduced at the rate of ten thousand per second.

More importantly, the demon army had completely lost its morale. The tables had turned.

All the demons were scared and shocked.

Their confidence had crumbled and morale had plummeted.

Soon, the demon army fell to the hands of the humans.

Since their arrival in the Prime Martial World, the demon army had been trying to capture cities and territories, and had won most of their battles.

Deep down, they had started to look down upon the human cultivators of the Prime Martial World.

In their eyes, the human cultivators were as weak as ants. The demons had started to get haughty and proud of their strength and power.

But now they had no idea how the weak humans had suddenly become so scary.

It was even more puzzling for them that the frightening demonic avatar, which was clearly their own kind, was in turn helping the human cultivators to kill them.


That's impossible!

Our demon army cannot be defeated," a demon cried miserably.

"We lost so badly!"

"Run! Or we'll all be dead!"

One after another, the demons began to roar in fear.

And they began to run away to save their lives.

The demon army had completely collapsed!

"Come on, everybody!

Kill them all! Don't let anyone escape from here!"

In a matter of few moments, the war had completely reversed. Now the human army pursued the enemy with irresistible force.

The situation was settled finally!

Austin saw the new energy and vigor in the human cultivators. He was quite pleased with the way the whole war scene had changed.

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