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   Chapter 1284 The Human Race Was Not Doomed To Lose

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 10451

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The person who stood up for the defense of the human race was none other than Austin.

Austin knew that any escalation in the current situation would lead to the debacle of the army of the human race cultivator in the Trinary Star City.

Meanwhile, the demon race could advance to the Purple Phoenix Holy Kingdom after taking the Trinary Star City -- one of the most important defense they would need to break. By that time, they would have already raged war in the borders of the Purple Phoenix Holy Kingdom.

At that moment, hundreds of pairs of eyes were fixed on Austin.

It wasn't until seconds later that they finally understood what was going on.

"Well, well?

A young man of the human race?"

The medium stage demon saint was the first to react to Austin's act of defiance. As he licked the corner of his mouth, his eyes sparkled with what seemed like interest and appreciation. More than that, a brutal look was etched on his face.

"Hah-hah, well isn't this interesting? I can't believe that such a young man of the human race would have the courage to talk back and stand up to me.

I have to admit, you are pretty brave for a young man of the human race.

I get it -- as a young man your age, you are trying to make it big and enjoy being under the spotlight.

That is perfectly understandable. You probably want to show yourself off in front of your people under this very imperative situation. By doing this, you think you will be able to satisfy your vanity by being the savior of your people or your race,"

the medium stage demon saint said as an eerie smile crept up his face.

"But you have to face the reality of your situation!

Your cultivation base has only reached the preliminary stage of Heaven Realm. And we, the noble demon race can surely crush you in the blink of an eye. Given how weak you are, how dare you stand up against us! I will make sure to make you pay for your vanity and ignorance,"

the medium stage demon saint said suddenly in a grating voice.

"It's you again! You bastard!

You boastful, ignorant fellow. How dare you offend the noble sir of the demon race!

On your knees! Get on your knees now!

The cultivation base of our human race will never be as good as the great demon race! We are only good enough to be slaves of the valiant demon race, and there is no way we can or should stand up to the great master of the demon race!

You bastard! You are definitely going to pay for your rude behavior!

Come now! Stop this foolishness and get on your knees!"

The middle-aged man in a brocaded robe who had been on his knees while licking the foot of the medium stage demon saint stood up all of a sudden. The moment he got on his feet, he started pointing and swearing at Austin as if he were mad.

In hindsight, he was only acting that way because of the shame he was feeling. After all, he had been forced to lick the foot of the medium stage demon saint just now. He felt humiliated in every aspect, and to save whatever pride was still left in him, he decided to pretend that he had forgotten all sense of humiliation and acted outra


Let us work together with insuperable confidence. Let us fight the demon race till the last minute with the fullest of our capability.

We are proud warriors. How could we willingly accept our fate as slaves of the demon race and lick their feet without even putting up a fight?"

Austin then sheathed the Slaughtering Sword and drew out the Ancient Dragon Sword.

"Now, go for it!"

Austin ordered the body of Annihilator the Demon Emperor, his demonic avatar.


At Austin's command, the demonic avatar charged immediately towards the demon race.


With a deafening sound, a powerful demon energy that terrified the demon race occupied the air as it swept across the demon race army like a formidable hurricane.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Mountains collapsed and the land was ripped apart. Large rifts with widths ranging from dozens of feet to several hundreds of feet appeared on the land below them.

The clouds moved with the changing wind as smoke filled the air. The war reverberated through the entire land. It was a dilapidated battlefield.

Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump!

With each passing second, the bodies of the demon race were blown into pieces one after the other.

Numerous members of the demon race was destroyed as all of their bodies fell apart.

The colorful blood of the demon race was all over the air. Dead bodies and severed arms and legs of the demon race were dispersed in every direction.

The demon race howled in desperation.

With just one single attack from Austin's demonic avatar, it was able to kill about four to five thousand members of the demon race.

It didn't matter how strong the demon race were. Once they were touched by Austin's demonic avatar, they were bound to die.

"For the human race, go!"

Austin roared with a grave expression on his face as his murderous intent filled the air.

Once again, he charged to attack the demon race. His vital energy force, along with the surrounding spiritual energy, continuously poured into the Ancient Dragon Sword in his hand.

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