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   Chapter 1283 Worse Than Beasts

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That's so funny!

The cowardly human has run away so fast.

Damn it! Humans are like ants. How dare they think that they can fight against our mighty and noble demon race?"

The army of the demon race covered the sky. They burst out laughing. They had started to consider themselves as winners already.

The human warriors stood gaping at each other. They didn't know what to do next. The morale of the troops was sinking lower.

They too wanted to run away to save their lives. They had started to believe that they would lose the battle.

The old warrior, who looked like a Taoist priest, was the leader of the Trinary Star City army.

Now that their leader had run away without caring about their lives, they didn't know what to do. How could they continue fighting against the demon race?

Most of the men were in despair.

They were full of sadness and felt hopeless at their misfortune.

"Surround these humans quickly. Don't let them run away."

Suddenly a voice was heard which added to their woes.

It belonged to a medium stage demon saint. He roared loudly instructing the demons to seize the humans.

"Ha-ha! Very good! Get hold of them now, or these cowardly humans will run away as soon as they can."

The demons laughed loudly and excitedly celebrated their victory.


All the demons moved quickly and lined up and took the square formation. They took their positions and surrounded the human warriors.

With every passing second, they had no doubt that the humans would lose the battle.

In the army, there were three human warriors who were at the Holy Realm. Two of them had been killed in the battle while the third one had run away as soon as he could.

On the other hand, there were five demon saints of the demon race who were full of energy and ready to fight any time.

If at any moment, they decided to attack, no one was in a state to resist the attacks of these five powerful demon saints.

They were certain that the demon race would kill humans easily.

"Damn it! Colin has run away. The demon race is so powerful that we shall not be able to defeat them."

"We will definitely die."

The army of the human warriors started to freak out.

"Run! Run as soon as you can!"

someone in the army shouted aloud. Hearing that, many humans turned around to run as soon as possible by using their bodily movement skills.

Some of them took the lead to escape and the others followed them.

"Ha-ha! So, do you want to run away? It is too late."

Those five demon saints moved quickly and blocked the way of the humans who planned to run away.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

All the five demon saints used their terrible evil aura to block them. At once, the place was full of black smoke and the ground began to crack.

Bang! Bang!


Please don't kill me!"

At last, the middle-aged man in brocaded robe made his choice to surrender because he knew that if he didn't surrender, he would definitely die.

"Ha-ha! Very good! You are clever.

Now, kneel down and lick my toes clean to show your dedication."

With arrogance, the medium stage demon saint laughed loudly.

The middle-aged man in brocaded robe was shocked but he reacted quickly. He had lost his sense of self-respect. It did not matter what he was asked to do, he only wanted to save his own life.

He knelt down and started licking the demon saint's toes at once.

"Ha-ha! I announce that if you are willing to lick our toes, I won't kill you. Ha-ha!"

The medium stage demon saint laughed aloud. His haughty laugh echoed in the air.

The other demons also began roaring excitedly.

Now, it seemed like the demon race had gained the upper hand and would definitely win the war.

They wanted to play with these humans and insult them. They were taking it as a chance to ridicule the humans.

Unable to bear it any further, Austin walked forward.


Oh, you members of the demon race, you all are cruel beasts.

Only you, the demon race, can come up with such disgusting things.

No! Rather you are not even as good as beasts."

All of a sudden, a cold voice could be heard from a distance by all as these words echoed around.

A young figure walked out of the army slowly. He looked at the medium stage demon saint calmly.

Every human warrior who was present there was surprised. 'What happened just now? Who spoke to the demon saint like that?

Maybe, he can save our lives.'

All of a sudden, all the humans had these thoughts running in their mind, while the demons were in a state of shock.

They all looked at the young man who had insulted the demon saint and the whole demon race.

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