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   Chapter 1282 Escaping From The Battlefield Before The Fight

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Just as the battle started, Austin gave off his spiritual sense and inspected the situation of the two opposing sides.

First and foremost, Austin compared the top members from the two sides.

On the demon race side, there were five demon saints whose strength were equivalent to that of human cultivators at the Holy Realm. Out of those five, two were at the medium stage while the other three were at the preliminary stage.

On the other hand, the human side only had three cultivators at the Holy Realm. One of which was at the medium stage and the other two were at the preliminary stage.

Moreover, among the members of the demon race, there were more than ten demon semi-saints who were just as strong as Semi-holy Realm human cultivators. Meanwhile, the humans only had exactly ten Semi-holy Realm cultivators.

So, when comparing the top cultivators from the two sides, the demon race absolutely had the upper hand considering the number of Holy Realm and Semi-holy Realm warrior equivalents they had.

Second, Austin compared the number of the warriors from the two sides. In this aspect, the demon race were also at an advantage for they had thirty thousand more warriors than the humans had.

To sum all of Austin's observations up, the human side was at an immensely disadvantageous position both quantitatively and qualitatively.

Based on these facts, Austin could immediately tell that the human cultivators would not be able to last long in the battle.

"Let's join the battle now!"

Austin said to the queen of the evil shadow race as he looked at the fierce fighting ahead with his Slaughtering Sword in hand.

Austin knew that everyone would recognize him the moment he used the Slaughtering Sword.

But Austin did not mind it at all. After all, now was not the time to worry about himself.

The most important thing was to kill the demon race.


Austin immediately rushed to where there were the most number of demons.

In that moment, swooshing sounds continuously resounded in the air.

The crisscrossing blood-colored lights combined with Austin's bodily movement skill made him look like a ghost as his sword aura quickly permeated the crowd of demons.

With every step that he took, dozens and even hundreds of members of the demon race were also broken into pieces.

With his cultivation base in the Heaven Realm, and his Slaughtering Sword in hand, Austin had the fighting capability even stronger than that of a Primal Holy Realm cultivator.

With this, Austin was able to take away the lives of the demon race as if he were merely cutting grass around him.

While Austin was busy fighting against the demon race, the queen of the evil shadow race joined the fight as well.


As powerful flames and cyan whirlwinds rushed towards the demon race, hundreds of dead bodies of the demon race became black and carbonized, emitting a cloud of smoke as they fell to the ground.

In a battle among cultivators, it was the powerful ones that had great influence over the outcome.

Once the powerful ones started to fight, hundreds of weaker ones were sure to be killed in just a split second.

The same thing happened when Austin and the queen joined the fi

r the help of an old cultivator who looked like a Taoist priest.

The old cultivator was at the medium stage of the Holy Realm.

Unfortunately, at that moment, he was fighting against two medium stage demon saints. Because of this, there was no way he could turn his back to save the first human cultivator.

"Ha ha ha! All of you will die today!"

The five demon saints laughed wildly.

Now there were five demon saints fighting against two human cultivators at the Holy Realm.

Instantly, the result of the fight was apparent.

The old man in a Taoist suit and the thin old man in black couldn't even fight back. All they could do was try to defend themselves from the attacks being thrown at them.

After a short moment...

"Ah! No!"

The thin old man in black was now trapped by three preliminary stage demon saints. After a short while, he was torn into pieces by the three.

"It's your turn to perish now!"

At the same time, the five demon saints rushed forward and surrounded the old man in the Taoist suit.

The old man in the Taoist suit turned as white as snow in fear.

After all, he was only at the medium stage of Holy Realm while two of his opponents were medium stage demon saints and the other three were preliminary stage demon saints.

There was definitely an immense gap between him and his opponents in terms of strength and quantity.

There was absolutely no way he could win this fight!

"If I die, I'll drag you all to hell with me, you bastards!"

The old man in the Taoist suit held a long sword in his hand. His sword was a high-grade archaic weapon, and with a wave of his hand, powerful vital energy immediately came flying out of his sword, temporarily preventing the five demon saints from killing him.


Then, something unexpected took place.

All of a sudden, the old man transformed into a beam light and flew away!

After just two breaths, his figure disappeared completely.


Seeing what had just happened, all of the human cultivators found themselves completely stunned.

The most powerful human cultivator had escaped from the battlefield during the fight!

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