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   Chapter 1281 Battle Kicked Off

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Meanwhile, back on the square, the middle-aged man and the queen were still engaged in fighting. The area served as a battle ring, with none of them planning to back down at any moment.

"What? The demon race's troops are on their way?"

Still fighting with the queen, the middle-aged man who wore an embroidered apparel moved back several steps and surprisingly shouted.

"Humph! Today is your lucky day," he uttered, casting an angry glance at Austin.

Then, without further say, he moved his body and flew away as quickly as a flash of lightning.

"What did he say? The demon race has come here?"

Austin was also astonished by this news, he turned around to search for the queen.

"Let's go and have a look."

As soon as he found the queen, they both flew into the air and looked down at the city.

The space above the Trinary Star City was already filled with warriors.

All of them, who were also powerful enough just like Austin and the queen, were looking far at the skyline.

An elder dressed like a Taoist priest who stood at the front looked both imposing and worried. Judging by how he looked, he must be a man of caliber and someone important.

He was surrounded by dozens of figures, and formidable waves of vital energy force emitted from each of them.

"Gentlemen, it's surprising to know that the demon race dared choose our Trinary Star City as their first attacking target.

I know you are always eager to defend our city, so let's throw away any reservations and send them all to hell!

Only courage and strength can defend your families and your homeland from death and destruction.

Everyone, for our families and for our city, let's fight bravely!

If you die, you will die a hero!

All of us will be remembered as gallant warriors of this city! Are you afraid of death?"

The elder turned around, raised his voice, and yelled to the countless warriors standing behind him. His voice was as loud as a rumbling thunder, and blaring throughout several kilometers away. It certainly exuded an air of dignity and eminence.

"No fear!

Fight! Yeah! Die for our city and families!"

The blood of every warrior was boiling, and their eyes blazed with fire as they shouted to boost their courage. Their tough voices reverberated above the city and echoed for quite a while.

It seemed that those warriors had already known what kind of danger awaited them before they came to the Trinary Star City to fight against the demon race's troops.

Those cowards would have already hidden somewhere and would never come here to die in the hands of the abhorred demon race.

"Good, form the battle array.

Prepare to fight!"

The elder ordered as he was satisfied to hear and see their determination.

Instantly, those warriors took out their weapons of all sorts.

They stood there quietly in order, and in a position ready to charge at any moment.

From below, one could see a tr

fferent result.

All right. Enough wasting our time!

I'll give you one last chance.

Surrender and you can live another day,"

the demon saint indignantly denounced the human elder.

"In the Prime Martial World, people will only fight to death. We'll never surrender ourselves to your demons,"

the elder shouted back, determined to fight with all the warriors who were strong-willed in defending the city.


The two leaders' voices collided with each other in the air and the impact nearly deafened the ears of human warriors and demon fighters who were listening.

"Well then, prepare to die!


The demon saint raised his right arm and waved it towards the direction of those human warriors.

"Prepare to fight!"

The elder responded by nodding his head and waving his hand.


Thousands of demon fighters rushed towards the human warriors, who were floating above the Trinary Star City like they were some raging dark torrents.

At the same time, those human warriors also wielded their weapons and prepared to engage in battle.


Troops from both sides collided with each other. They attacked, defended, and killed their own enemies. The battlefield was filled with outcries, shouts, and screams as if the doomsday had come.

Human warriors and demon fighters were slaughtered one after another, much like a blood bath taking place.

Their bodies fell from the sky and eventually hit the ground with a loud thud.

Meanwhile, Austin and the queen stood in the rear of the human troops, observing and calculating the possible results of the battle.

"The weight of numbers will turn the battle against humans.

These humans are fighting a losing war. They will be killed quite soon,"

Austin stated with a sigh, shaking his head in an apparent disappointment.

"Yes, you're right!"

The queen, who was intently watching the bloody combat, couldn't help but nod in approval.

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