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   Chapter 1280 The Arrival Of The Demon Race (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6110

Updated: 2019-11-11 05:02

Austin's blatant refusal irked the man.

"How dare you say that? I don't care where you come from or what you are up to. Colin wants to see you. I am warning you, you won't end well if you disobey him!"

In order to threaten Austin and get to his point of taking them to Colin, the man started to exhibit his might and skill.

The strong and powerful vital energy force began emanating from his body like water rushing with full force from the top of a waterfall.

All of a sudden, the air of the square swelled and exploded as the invincible vital energy force cruised and collided through the atmosphere.

The cultivators who were also resting in the square couldn't stand the explosion and were thrown away by the force. Except for Austin and the queen who were unaffected, nobody could stand the might of the powerful vital energy force.

They were like dummies with no life and soul and were flung into the air for a few seconds before falling heavily on the ground outside the square.

Blood began oozing from their mouths as they moaned and cried from their pain.

Most of them were cultivators from the Master Realm or the Astral Realm, so it was not possible for them to withstand such a lethal blow that came from a Semi-holy Realm cultivator.

The merciless behavior of the man infuriated Austin. He glared furiously at the man.

"What you want is us. What does it have to do with these innocent people?

You are a total freak if you think your play would scare us," Austin roared, staring directly into the man's eyes.

The man snorted with indifference. "They are just a group of weak and fragile creatures, almost like flies.

What is the value of them living in this world? With such an inferior vital energy force, they might as well die and leave us alone," the man pointed out nonchalant

holding substantial advantage over the man as she had successfully carried out barrage of attacks towards him.

The fight became tenser as minutes passed.

The middle-aged man could not stand the continuous blow and began to show the sign of weakening and decreasing strength.

Meanwhile, from outside the Trinary Star City, a terrifying news arrived.

"Open the door, please! The army of the demon race is coming!"

A few cultivators shouted while rushing towards the gate of the city with all their might.

The sound caught everyone by utmost astonishment.

The news was so terrifying that for a moment, everyone could not believe their ears. There was sheer silence and everything became eerily quiet.

And then, after a few seconds, the terror of the upcoming fight finally jerked them back to reality.

"What? The demon race army is coming?"

The entire Trinary Star City became like a frightened animal and the sound of people crying and exclaiming with terror was heard all around the city. The air was filled with fright and cries.

All of the cultivators in the city flew up in the air and began their process to perceive the movement of the demon race army using their spiritual senses.

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