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   Chapter 1279 The Arrival Of The Demon Race (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-11-11 05:02

Trinary Star City.

In the castellan mansion.

In a luxurious reception room.

A dozen people were gathered there.

Among them was Elder Jason from the Thunder Sect.

"Colin, that man and that woman were so rude. They attacked and wounded our people in the Thunder Sect for absolutely no reason.

The main force of our Thunder Sect is stationed in the New Capital City. So they can't deal with them from there. Could you please help us to punish them?

Moreover, we don't know where they came from. Their behaviour is very suspicious.

The woman's cultivation base was at the preliminary stage of Semi-holy Realm.

I know all the Semi-holy Realm cultivators in our South Continent.

But that woman, I have no impression of her at all. I don't remember her being mentioned ever.

I think it is necessary for us to have a thorough inquiry into their details.

It is said that the demon race are good at snatching other's body. I have a feeling that they are demons in disguise and they came here to spy on us,"

Elder Jason from the Thunder Sect said to an old man sitting in an armchair with them. The man had the appearance of a Taoist priest with a long silver-white beard.

"The preliminary stage of Semi-holy Realm? Such an impressive cultivator!

When have they come to our Trinary Star City?

Why don't they come and meet us?

They are really suspicious.

You're right. We should check them out.

If they are human, we should establish a good relationship with them. With their strong abilities, they could help us or even work for us in the future.

However, if they are of the demon race, then undoubtedly, we will have to kill them and comfort our people,"

said the old man named Colin while he brushed his long white beard.

"Yes. We should make a thorough inquiry and find out who they are anyway,"


panic was reasonable considering the demon race's formidable strength and cruel character. No one would like to come across a demon race member as it would immediately put his life in grave danger.

In the square.

Austin and the queen were taking a break after the fight.

Suddenly, Austin sensed that someone was approaching.

It was the middle-aged man who was ordered to take Austin and the queen to the command post of the Trinary Star City. He was tall and thin, and dressed himself in a luxurious long gown. He showed up in the square and walked straight towards Austin and the queen.

"I am assuming you are the ones who confronted the Thunder Sect.

Now you need to come with me," he ordered coldly.

His expression was haughty and arrogant, and those words came out of his mouth like a command as if he was their superior and was placing an order to his subordinates.

However, Austin was not the kind to obey him just so easily. "Go with you? We are not interested," Austin refused curtly.

He glared contemptuously up at the man as the man's domineering manner piqued him.

While he was irritated, he could already perceive that the man had the vital energy force of the medium stage of Semi-holy Realm.

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