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   Chapter 1278 Attack The Trinary Star City

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"Are you all right, sir?" several disciples of the Thunder Sect worriedly asked.

Together, they dashed towards the elder to come to his aid.

Meanwhile, the rest of the disciples stood motionless, staring at Austin and the queen with a rattled expression on their faces. All of them were in awe and disbelief after witnessing the combined strength of the two.

'Even our elder of the Tribulation Realm can't match them. I'll get myself killed if I make a move against them, ' they all thought.

"So you have hidden your true cultivation bases, huh?" the elder of the Thunder Sect said through gnashed teeth.

He could tell that Austin and the queen were definitely much stronger than those who had reached the medium stage of Astral Realm.

So when he finally discovered their real power, he filled in his superior on what happened through his spiritual sense.

Meanwhile, in the eastern part of the Trinary Star City, a tall old man, who was busy sipping his tea, received a message in his Soul Sea.

Shocked at the unexpected message, he suddenly stood up with the cup of tea still on his hand.


My men were beat up?" he murmured as his face turned grim.

A formidable thunderbolt power gushed out from his body, and flashes of lightning crackled and spluttered incessantly around him.

His aura certainly depicted how furious he was at that moment.

The next minute, he suddenly disappeared without a word, leaving the tea unattended.

Back in the square, the elder of the Tribulation Realm from the Thunder Sect and his crew stood outside the square, still glaring at Austin and the queen.

"Humph, you bastards. You'll soon regret offending us,"

the elder of the Tribulation Realm muttered, fixing his vindictive eyes on Austin as if he was about to tear the latter into pieces.

The young man shamelessly slapped and threw him into the air in front of his disciples. As an elder of the Thunder Sect, it was outright embarrassing for him to be treated audaciously like that. Austin had a lot of guts to do that, and the elder hated him for that.

"Get out, you assholes! I'm going to kick your ass!

How dare you lay hands on our men?"

Out of the blue, an ear-splitting male voice came from the distance, shaking the sky and sending an obnoxious vibe in the air.

All the cultivators in the Trinary Star City were surprised to hear him.

Amidst the silence and flabbergasted faces of everyone around, a tall figure suddenly rushed into the square like a f

begun to change around the place.

Tens of thousands of demons floated above the imperial capital city of the Crescent Kingdom.

Their enormous evil aura gathered together and formed dark clouds that kept rolling and floating in the sky.

"Guys, after several fights, I'm sure by now you are already aware that those human cultivators in the Prime Martial World are too weak to be a match for us.

So be ready to mock those low-born humans to your heart's content.

Now, we're going to conquer the Purple Phoenix Holy Kingdom," a demon who draped a red mantle on his shoulders excitingly encouraged.

His voice was so loud that it reverberated a few hundred meters away.

"Got it!" "I'm so hyped for this!" "I could almost taste their blood in my mouth." "Ha-ha. We'll kill all those despicable humans!"

tens of thousands of demons snarled in high spirits, thirsty for their victory.

"Our first target is the Trinary Star City.

This city has the weakest defense.

We can take it easy.

I don't think those stupid human cultivators would expect us to hit the farthest one. They're not smart enough to be that strategic.

We'll give them a big surprise!

Let's go!"

the demon in charge of the entire horde declared loudly.

"Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!"

All at once, they rapidly moved towards their destination with their enormous evil aura filling the whole space around.

Without taking a break, the demons kept moving forward, casting a massive shadow on the land below them wherever they went.

This bunch of cruel demons was undoubtedly the personification of death and misfortune. The Trinary Star City would soon face its doom.

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