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   Chapter 1277 The Thunder Sect

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"We are facing a war against the demon race right now. At this time, all the human cultivators need nothing more than to be united as one. We need to stay intact in order to fight our common enemies. I didn't expect to see jerks like you here in this city. It's ridiculous!"

Austin spoke in a cold tone, shaking his head slightly. He was staring at the young man who was dressed in green and had intense eyes.


Those young men from the Thunder Sect were startled. At first they didn't realize what Austin meant. A moment later, they realized that Austin was true about it all.

One of them shouted in an angry voice, "You will pay for what you said just now!"

They were all very furious by Austin's words. Clearly, they hadn't met anyone who was bold enough to go against them.

"You don't know who you are talking to! You are too weak to fight against the demon race, rather you can't even fight us!

To fight the demon race, you need to count on big sects like us, the Thunder Sect.

You are too weak to even be here! You losers!

I will show you the true strength of a powerful cultivator today! You will regret what you said when I'm done with you!"

The young man in green gritted his teeth as he spoke with fury clear in his face and voice.

He had seen Austin and the queen wandering in the streets, looking for a place to stay. So, he thought that they were just two ordinary disciples from a small sect. There was no way that people like them could belong to a big sect. They could probably be two independent cultivators.

"Here you are! Take them now.

Or your wounds won't heal properly,"

Austin said to the brother and the sister. He threw two elixirs at them.

They were grade-eight elixirs! Highly precious and extremely powerful.

Seeing the elixirs, all the people present there, except Austin and the queen, gasped in surprise.

Obviously a grade-eight elixir, or even a grade-nine elixir, meant nothing to Austin. Those people there, however, had no idea.

They were unaware that he had an uncountable number of good-quality elixirs in the storage of the Oracle Sect.

"These..... these are just too precious. We can't take them."

Two grade-eight elixirs were floating in front of them, but the siblings didn't dare to grab them. They couldn't bring it in them to take them as those were grade-eight elixirs after all.

The most precious elixirs they had ever seen were grade-five elixirs. Now, two expensive and rare grade-eight elixirs were in front of them. So, they couldn't help but be flustered and didn't know what to do.

Seeing their reaction, Austin silently nodded his head in approval. He was glad to see that the boy and his sister weren't people who lacked gratitude.

He valued such people, so he wanted to help them more.

hem who were lying on the ground. The right side of his face was badly swollen.

'Oh my God!'

The people who were watching all this avidly, gasped and were left wide-eyed.

They were astonished that the young man could beat a hundred people with just slaps!

And all those people weren't ordinary people. There were a few cultivators who were in the Master Realm among them. There were also cultivators who were in the Astral Realm.

"Come on. The square looks clear now. We will rest there,"

Austin said to the queen and the siblings who were with him.

With these words, Austin walked straight into the square.

The queen smiled and began to follow him.

The brother and sister were frozen in their spots. They kept staring at Austin with shocked eyes. They still hadn't been able to fully register what had just happened.

"Young man, you have gone too far.

Tell me, which sect are you from? Who is your master?"

Suddenly, an old martial artist appeared out of nowhere. He stood in front of Austin, blocking his way.

The old man was tall and strong. Austin was able to analyze that the old man was at the premium stage of Tribulation Realm.

The old man was aware that Austin was a powerful cultivator, so he didn't start a fight.

The old man concluded that if a young man like Austin possessed such frightening strength, he must be from a big and powerful sect. He was probably a disciple of a powerful yet reclusive martial artist too.

"Fuck off!"

Austin swore in a cold tone. He was tired of these threats.

With a flicker of his hand, Austin sent the old man flying too.

"I am talking to the people of the Thunder Sect. Listen carefully. Get out of here. Leave it on your own, else I will use my ways to send you out!"

Austin walked towards the middle of the square. He announced it for all in a cold and firm voice.

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