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   Chapter 1276 The Trinary Star City

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At this point of time, the whole of Purple Phoenix Holy Kingdom was overshadowed by a very uncomfortable blanket of air

just as the news from demon race's invasion hit every corner of the Purple Phoenix Holy Kingdom.

Everyone, from the ministers of royal family to civilians were shaken by the news. People all over the country were preoccupied thinking about the same thing, which was the imminent attack of demon race.

People were all jittery and nervous already. This brand new news only added fuel to all that.

The Southern Alliance army arrived in all grandeur and made the situation even more tense. They were stationed inside the Purple Phoenix Holy Kingdom and troops had been deployed near the border.

The rumor was that a couple of small countries nearby the Purple Phoenix Holy Kingdom had fallen prey to the feared demon race.

And demon army was stationed very close to the Purple Phoenix Holy Kingdom and they were ready to attack at any moment and destroy everything in their way.

Austin entered the Purple Phoenix Holy Kingdom and examined the place a little bit.

He learnt that the Southern Alliances Army were already positioned at the border area, preparing for the arrival of demon race.

The army was divided into five divisions and deployed to the five cities around the border area. Their positions were strategically arranged in such a way that they could support each other easily if needed.

Austin headed for one of these border cities.

It was named the Trinary Star City.

It was a city of considerable size located near the border of the Purple Phoenix Holy Kingdom.

Austin and the queen stepped outside of the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot about three kilometers away from the Trinary Star City.

Austin collected his Dragon and Phoenix Chariot. He then activated his bodily movement skill with the queen and went towards the front gate of the city.

"Stop right there!"

Their way was blocked by a couple of gatekeepers just as they were about to enter.

"The Trinary Star City is now the first line of defense against demon race.

Not everybody can get inside. Only warriors with cultivation base who are higher than Master Realm may enter.

This is only for the sake of your safety,"

one of the sentries informed Austin about this rule.

Austin was surprised on hearing that anyone below cultivation base of the Master Realm had been barred from entering.

But after everything Austin could see the reason why this practice made sense.

That is because only those who were above the cultivation base of the Master Realm


The man was so much in rage that he was shaking violently.

"Brother, we will not be able to combat them in any way. Let's just leave before things take a turn for the worse."

The girl wiped the blood off her mouth and pulled the sleeve of her brother and straightened his robe.

Their cultivation bases were only of the medium stage of Master Realm

and the weakest of their opponents were of the premium stage of Master Realm let along the other two of the Astral Realm. It was definitely a tough call.

Furthermore the man clad in green was a cultivator of the premium stage of Astral Realm.

"Who said we will let you go?

Wasn't he audible? Let me tell you again!

You both need to get down on your knees and apologize right now, otherwise you are not going anywhere,"

a short and unpleasant looking man said with an evil smile.

"And you two, do you wish to join them and apologize as well?

If not, then get the hell out!"

That green-clad man suddenly turned to Austin and the queen and screamed at them.

As it turned out that from the moment this brother and sister fell down on the ground until they got to their feet, they had been right in front of Austin and the queen.

They stood their ground absolutely unflinchingly without leaving or showing any deference to the men of the Thunder Sect.

That green-clad man felt that his authority had been challenged by Austin and the queen. This made him angry beyond control.

He saw that Austin and the queen were giving out vital energy force of the medium stage of Astral Realm, which in itself was challenge to him and his vulgar army. So he just wanted to drive them away. Had they not been a threat he would have already hit them.

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