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   Chapter 1275 A Bloody War Is Looming!

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"Well, the people you had kept here, have settled in the nearby mountains.

You can meet them or have a get-together before setting off."

Master Li suggested to Austin.

Before leaving for the Middle World Waters, Austin had made all the people who were in his City model settle down near the mountains.

Among them were his two fiancees. There was Mike, the clansmen from Meng Clan, the people from the Heaven Pavilion Sect, tens of thousands of men from the evil shadow race, and the Violet Orchid Empire royalty.

Apart from them, Fanny and her grandfather too had been kept there safely.

There were tens of thousands of people.

All these people had been staying in Austin's City model earlier.

However, before he had left, Austin had been convinced by Godwin that keeping all those people in the City model with him was detrimental to their refinement.

He suggested so because the cultivation of a cultivator required not only the spiritual energy from the heaven and the earth, but also experience, fight, and exploration. They would never truly become strong without these steps.

Hearing it all, Austin decided that unless the situation was harsh or there was a severe crisis, these people deserved to live their lives and cultivate in the real world.

They no longer needed to stay in the City model.

The most important reason why he took that step was his feelings about himself and those people. It was clear that his confidence had increased and it enabled him to protect the people he cared about.

Being in possession of the incarnation of the Annihilator, the demon emperor, it was not a problem even if he had to confront a Holy Realm master.

"Okay. I will stay here for a day or two and then leave."

Nodding his head, Austin agreed with Master Li. He felt that it would be a good chance to meet all and rest before he went ahead.

Austin released his spiritual sense energy. Soon he sensed that the adjacent five mountain summits were filled with people.

Austin had a smile on his face recollecting how all of them were earlier kept in the City model.

"I'm going to check out my people,"

the queen said to Austin. Releasing her spiritual sense energy, she quickly knew where her people were. She too wanted to meet them before she left.

In the blink of an eye, her beautiful figure disappeared.

"Huh! It is often said that the bodily movement skill of the evil shadow race is so elusive and unpredictable that it gives an impression of one becoming invisible. Seeing it with my own eyes I can say, it deserves that reputation."

After the figure of the queen disappeared, Master Li complimented.

Austin smiled faintly and disappeared as well, using his bodily movement ski


The first group included the queen and six or seven thousand men of the evil shadow race.

According to the queen, it was a good chance to refine her people. She felt that they should not miss such a chance.

The queen and the old Priest Callum insisted that the men of the evil shadow race should get involved in the fight against the demon race for trial and improvement. So Austin didn't stop them.

The leader of the Fire Worshiping Sect and all the masters from the Heaven Pavilion Sect whose cultivation was higher than the Astral Realm were also selected.

The people whom Austin selected were all with cultivation higher than the Astral Realm.

Austin had to choose wisely because even the weakest demon soldier in the demon race had the strength which was equivalent to that of a human cultivator with a Master Realm cultivation base.

So it was in everyone's knowledge that the demon race was really tough, especially with their fresh recovery ability. It was a fact that most of them could get revived if their heads were not smashed.

It meant that the strength of the demon race was far higher than the human masters with the same cultivation base.

Only human cultivators with cultivation base at the Astral Realm were mighty enough to get into a fight with the demon race.

The people Austin selected were almost eight thousand in total.

Austin transferred all of them to the City model that he carried with him.

Then he directly went to the Purple Phoenix Holy Kingdom on the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot. He was accompanied by the queen.

The Purple Phoenix Holy Kingdom was not far from the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom.

In two days, the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot reached the Purple Phoenix Holy Kingdom. Austin and the queen were ready for the gruesome battle that lay ahead.

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