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   Chapter 1274 Surprisingly Quick Breakthrough

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Soaring through the clouds and just above the Middle World Waters, the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot was a bright beam of light, partly visible from the sky.

Ten days had passed, and finally, they had seen the horizon from the distance like a light by the end of a long tunnel.

Austin nodded at himself and said, "We have arrived in the South Continent."

Then, he frowned and said, "I really want to witness the war between the human warriors and the demon race. I wonder, is it still about to begin, or is it already happening now?

Maybe, the war has already broken out."

Not long before, the main goal of the demon race was to search for the Annihilator Demon Emperor, while the human warriors searched for the Battle Emperor.

However, this time, everyone knew that both the Battle Emperor and the Annihilator Demon Emperor had died and been forever gone in this world.

Consequently, the next stage meant the war, and it seemed that the war had already broken out.

In the Prime Martial World, Austin was a member of the human warriors, so this was his biggest priority at the very moment.

Besides, if the demon race won the battle, they would most likely occupy the Prime Martial World, rendering Austin homeless.

The queen took a glance at him before she replied, "I agree. The war should break out now."

Another few days had passed as they soared through the sky.

Huge and rolling mountains towered into the clouds as they arrived in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom.

They were a beam of light, looming through these high mountains.

With a smile on his face, Austin used the spiritual sense to detect whether there was a huge mountain before them so as not to bump into any of them.

Even with these obstacles on the way, he didn't mind the journey at all. As a matter of fact, he felt quite relieved to see them for these mountains meant that they were finally back.

Finally, after more than ten days, they had finally arrived in the mountain where Master Li lived.

As soon as they landed, Austin came out and helped the queen off the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot before putting it away.

"Amazing! This! Very Good!"

All of a sudden, they heard a sound not too far away from them.

Austin turned to the direction of the sound to know who was speaking.

The queen, too, followed suit.

In the sky just a little bit above them, two young people were flying. They both looked very excited and could not help but shout out.

Austin's eyes widened in shock to see the two young men.

"What are they doing?"

He asked as soon as his vision cleared and realized that the two were Evan and Herbert.

Austin and the queen watched as they were flying freely in the sky, just like two birds.

They watched as Herbert flew up and flew down as if flexing his capabili

for our bodies,"

Evan explained.

Austin nodded his head and said, "I see."

He finally understood what happened now.

Indeed, in Evan's and Herbert's elixir fields, there were a few thousand divine vital energy crystals and a lot of top-grade treasures. If they were unable to make a breakthrough quickly, this energy would destroy their bodies.

Then again, that was all a worst possibility in the past, and seeing Evan and Herbert reach the Imperial Realm was what mattered, and this made Austin very happy.

Besides, the stronger cultivation base they had, the safer they would be. And Austin would not need to worry about them getting hurt by other warriors.

After a few catching up, Austin decided that it was time to go. He went back to the queen and together, they landed at the top of the mountain.

"Oh, look who's here? Austin! You're back! Welcome!"

Master Li walked towards them and welcomed them.

Austin looked around, searching for Godwin.

Unable to sense Godwin even with his spiritual sense, Austin turned to Master Li and asked, "Where is our master?"

"Oh, well, you see, the war between our Southern Alliances Army and the demon race is in the most important stage now.

Our master is with the Southern Alliances Army to conduct the war,"

Master Li answered.

Austin's guess was right. The war between the human and the demon race was indeed in the critical stage.

He knew how important the war was.

Before Austin could speak again, Master Li opened his mouth and added, "Master left me a message though. He said that when you come back, you should go to fight with him."

Austin's face broke into a smile. He knew that Godwin wanted him to join the Southern Alliances Army and fight against the demon race.

Without Godwin's message for him from Master Li, Austin was still very willing to fight alongside him.

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