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   Chapter 1273 The Power Of Austin's Demonic Avatar

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The terrifyingly powerful waves of vital energy force released by the thirteen masters of the Primal Holy Realm caused enormous waves of several hundred meters in height on the sea surface. Even people miles away could hear their swirling sounds across the ocean.

"Austin, you're dead!"

The thirteen masters of the Primal Holy Realm shouted in unison as their fierce eyes fixated on Austin.

Because they launched a maximum and full attack on Austin, they believed it would be his end.

After all, they had also set up the Space-blocking Array, which covered a radius of one kilometer and trapping Austin inside. They were confident that their prey couldn't escape at any cost.

"You're wrong. You are the ones who will go to hell, not me," Austin uttered in a composed manner.

To spice up his mockery, he even placed his hands behind his back, implying he was not threatened at all.

'What's wrong with him?

Did we scare the hell out of him?'

The thirteen cultivators at the Primal Holy Realm were all perplexed as they saw how arrogant the young man looked.

'We attacked him at the same time, but he neither got flustered nor dodged our blow. Instead, he looked rather composed.

I bet he's just faking it as he must be petrified and freaked out, '

they all thought, feeling sanguinely convinced.

While they were ready to taste their victory, something unusual caught their attention.


Suddenly, a dark light flashed from somewhere.

A tall, scary demon stood beside Austin and released a thick evil aura.

It was none other than the Annihilator the Demon Emperor. Austin had recently managed to refine the demon's body as the container of a copy of his spiritual soul. In other words, the demon was now Austin's demonic avatar.

An evil aura, which contained ghastly and spooky energy, beamed in front of Austin.

It collided with the thirteen waves of violent vital energy and shattered it to pieces in an instant.


"What's going on?

Why did a demon come to his rescue?"

The thirteen masters of the Primal Holy Realm finally recognized Austin's sidekick.

"Austin, you're really the spy sent by the demon race, huh?

Now you can't deny that,"

one of the thirteen masters shouted.

"What a bunch of morons.

Go to hell!"

Austin mocked in a deep voice, sweeping his cold eyes through his enemies.


An enormous evil aura blazed up and shone in all directions like a ray of sun.

All of a sudden, it seemed like everything had been completely enveloped by its grisly light. The area turned hollow, and a loud gush of the wind matched the dread created by the evil aura.

"Run!" one of the thirteen masters of the Primal Holy Realm shouted.

All o


"Kill them!"

Austin instructed nonchalantly.


Annihilator the Demon Emperor's demonic body reached the two in an instant.


An intense battle began immediately after that blaring sound of the clash.

In fact, the demonic body didn't display any martial skills. All it did was punch or kick its enemies.

However, even with that, it was so powerful that every single blow was fatal.

"No, it can't be!

He is a demon emperor,"

the man in black and the woman in indigo roared in disbelief with mouths agape.

A few seconds later, and without any warning, they both turned into blood fog almost at the same time.

Two cultivators of the Semi-holy Realm died on the spot, helpless at the mercy of the demonic emperor.

Austin and the queen, who acted as bystanders, were shaken up by the scene.

"That's incredible! A demon emperor is really so strong,"

the queen remarked with her eyes fully rounded in shock.

"Yeah, I'm not gonna deny; that's really impressive,"

Austin followed, satisfied with the demonic body's performance and with a slight smug of astonishment on his face.

"Even a master of the Holy Realm is no match for it,"

the queen commented, eyes glued on the demon that still emitted a ghastly aura.

"Annihilator the Demon Emperor had fallen for hundreds of years, and his demonic spiritual soul had also vanished, but his power still resides in his dead body.

Now his corpse is still as strong as a great master of the Emperor Realm,"

Austin informatively responded.

Under his control, the dead demon smacked the Space-blocking Array and broke it.

Austin then took out the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot and got in it with the queen.


Within a snap, the chariot turned into a light and headed for the South Continent.

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