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   Chapter 1272 The Space-blocking Array (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 5804

Updated: 2019-11-11 00:13

This time around, the major sects of the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom had sent a total of sixteen people to kill Austin.

The middle-aged man in black of the Song Clan and the woman in indigo of the New Moon Sect both had Semi-Holy Realm cultivation bases.

Meanwhile, the remaining fourteen people had cultivation bases in the Primal Holy Realm.

At that point, those fourteen people of the Primal Holy Realm moved quickly and completely trapped Austin in a circle.

"Little bastard, you have no chance of surviving today! Take this!"

The old man in a black and white robe from the Polarity Sect attacked Austin first.

From behind him, two swords -- one black, and one white -- suddenly rushed out and blasted at Austin. Their color made them look like two majestic dragons from which immense vital energy was emanating with an astonishing momentum.

"Let me try the Ancient Dragon Sword first!"

Austin reached for his Space Ring and slightly rubbed it. Then, in an instant, the Ancient Dragon Sword appeared in his hand.


The surging white sword aura from the sword resembled sea waves and looked extremely dazzling.

All of a sudden, a rare sword-light bloomed, and the space around them became distorted and blurred at once. In the air above them was a white dragon roaring vaguely.

"Crack! Crack!"

Several clear and crisp sounds of metal breaking followed.

"No... No way! How is that possible?"

The old man in a black and white robe from the Polarity Sect felt shocked and angry as he retreated as fast as he could.

For some reason, the two black and white swords that he used to attack Austin were blown to pieces at the same time with just one move from Austin.

"This is... this..

ers from the Primal Holy realm had encircled one cultivator who was only at the preliminary stage of Heaven Realm, Austin was still unscathed, and he was even able to kill one of them!

This result truly brought great shame to them.

"Ha-ha, this is too absurd. You all are obviously dying to kill me, so why are you so shocked that I killed one of you instead?

Are you actually saying that I should just stand here obediently and wait for you to kill me without even fighting back? Are you all that stupid?

Do you think that your behavior and way of thinking are decent and correct? You are being too ridiculous!

What a bunch of idiots!

I am putting an end to this little game of yours. It is time for me to unleash my full strength.

You shall all go to the hell this time!"

Austin laughed loudly.

"Let's kill him!

This little bastard must die today!"

The remaining thirteen masters of the Primal Holy Realm were all teeming with murderous will as they rushed to Austin at the same time.

At that moment, thirteen earth-shattering waves of vital energy force violently tore the space, and boomed at Austin at the same time.

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