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   Chapter 1271 The Space-blocking Array (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 5870

Updated: 2019-11-11 00:03

"Little bastard, you were able to rely on your fast bodily movement skill to narrowly escape with your life two days ago.

However, you shall bear in mind that fortune will not always favor you. I am absolutely sure that you will have no chance of surviving this time!"

A hale and hearty old man dressed in black shouted at Austin in a cold voice. On his face was immense killing intent, making him look quite ferocious and horrible.

"This piece of sea area has been set up under our Sky Sect's Space-blocking Array, and the moment I start the array, this space will be completely blocked.

Therefore, you will not be able to escape this time, you little bastard!"

All of a sudden, the old man in black waved his sleeve and a dozen palm-sized array flags suddenly shot out in all directions.


In the space within 1, 000 meters of the sea area where they had been standing, countless rays of spiritual energy appeared and interwove together, instantly creating a dazzling array.

As the old man had said, Austin did immediately feel that the surrounding space seemed to have been locked by the energy of the array.

If he wanted to leave that place with his life, he must find a way to break that array first.

"Ha-ha, as you can see, you definitely have no way to escape this time, you little bastard.

Kneel down to kowtow to me at once and confess your guilt!

If you do as I say, we might even let you die in a less painful way. If you don't, well, I wouldn't mind imposing the cruelest punishment I can think of on you. I will make sure that you will suffer the most excruciating pain imaginable and make you regret eve coming to this world!"

an old man in red said as he burst out laughing. His hatred towards Austin

y is. It's time to teach these two bastards a lesson!"

The middle-aged man in black from the Song Clan was furious when he saw that Austin was still stubborn and unwilling to admit defeat.

The moment he finished talking, he moved his body and a surging vital energy force poured out of him and turned into a huge palm to directly attack the queen.

"You bitch!

You have no chance of escaping your fate! You will be arrested by us no matter what!"

The woman in indigo of the New Moon Sect waved her hand, and a red silk handkerchief rushed out and rose in the wind. Instantly it became thousands of times of its original size; clearly it was a magic treasure. It looked like a cloud of red clouds covering the entire sky that was directly coming towards the queen.

Both the middle-aged man of the Song Clan and the woman from the New Moon Sect had their cultivation bases in the Semi-Holy Realm. They attacked the queen at the same time.

The queen snorted and a precious fan appeared in her hand. All of a sudden, a flood of fierce inflammation sprang up all around her as terrible blue wind and evil spirits constantly rushed out of the precious fan.

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