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   Chapter 1270 Keeping Coming Back

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"Come here!"

Austin ordered with an authoritative voice.

The Annihilator Demon Emperor came to Austin's side at once.

"Ha-ha, very good!"

Austin said with a smirk, for he felt very proud.

At that time, Austin felt that the Annihilator Demon Emperor was a part of his own. He was able to take control of it like an extension of himself.

By using the power of his mind, he was able to order the Annihilator Demon Emperor to do anything through another spiritual soul.

Therefore, the Annihilator Demon Emperor's horrifying strong demonic energy also belonged to Austin.

Moreover, Austin could also take control of this demonic avatar to cultivate demonic energy and the demonic skills.

On the other hand, he could cultivate the vital energy in his own body.

It would be clear from now on. He wouldn't worry about mistaking two kinds of energy.

He didn't need to worry that the evil aura would invade his own Soul Sea, either.

Despite the Avatar-making Skill being a new way for Austin to cultivate, he knew he would master it quickly.

This opened up an amazing opportunity for Austin, and he could cultivate demonic energy and demonic skills without worries.

"Come here! Combine with me so that we may become one!"

Austin controlled the demonic avatar with his mind and made it come close to his own body.

With a whizzing sound

and some concentration from Austin, the demonic avatar rushed over and combined with Austin.

Someone who used the Avatar-making Skill could combine with his avatar.

It was just another wonderful advantage of the Avatar-making Skill.

When he needed the help of his avatar, whether for attacks, self-defense, or retrieving something, he would release it at that time.

Austin was very satisfied with this ability. It meant that he didn't need to carry the demonic avatar wherever he went.

But if he should find himself in danger, he would be able to release his avatar at once and defeat his enemies or escape.

"You have absorbed the Annihilator Demon Emperor's body?

That's fantastic. Well done!"

The queen was almost speechless as she looked at Austin with an expression that made it clear how impressed she was.

"Ha-ha, I feel great!"

Austin beamed with pride and happiness.

This demonic avatar had inherited most of the demonic energy of the Annihilator Demon Emperor.

Austin knew that he had most of energy of the Annihilator Demon Emperor after he took control of the demon's body.

He guessed that he didn't need to be afraid of the master at the Holy Realm now that he had this new power.

"All right. It is time to leave here,"

Austin said to the queen.

The queen nodded her head in agreement with him.

It was pointless to stay here where they

Dragon and Phoenix Chariot. He and the queen were going to enter the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot.

All of the sudden, they heard someone talking to them.

"Ha-ha, I can't believe it. You sickening people can actually run out of the Nonuple Isles.

What a surprise!"

A gust of cold wind blew past Austin and the queen suddenly.

Whiz! Whiz!

Many figures came toward them from the near sea and flew around them like a bird circling its prey.

After a just few breaths, sixteen warriors appeared and surrounded them quickly.

"Oh, it's you.

Wow! You keep coming back!"

Austin floated above the sea and looked at them coldly. He looked calm despite seeing so many people surrounding them.

They were warriors of the great sects and clans in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom.

"Ha-ha, thanks to my suggestion, we have stayed here for another day.

It's good that we did. Otherwise, these sickening people may have gotten away today."

A woman in indigo laughed loudly. She was from the New Moon Sect.

"That's right! You are so careful and reliable.

If we hadn't accepted your advice, the sickening couple would have survived today,"

a middle-aged man wearing black clothes replied. He was a master of the Song Clan.

The woman in indigo and the middle-aged man in black were at the Semi-holy Realm that was the same as the queen's cultivation base.

"Austin, you will definitely be brought down this time!

You have offended our Song Clan. You have no business being alive anymore."

The middle-aged man watched Austin intently for a while, an icy stare piercing from below his bushy eyebrows.

"Don't make me laugh! You should know that you will soon regret the way you spoke to me. It was a really stupid decision for you to make to stay here and wait for me!"

Austin said with a strange smile.

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