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   Chapter 1269 The Avatar-making Skill

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Austin looked at the Ancient Dragon Sword in his hand for a while. He was awestruck, and then he reluctantly put it away.

He quickly scanned the Battle Emperor and Annihilator, the Demon Emperor.

'I didn't expect that a human great master who was at the Emperor Realm, and a great maser of the demon race would clash here.

Neither did I expect that they would die here with a demonic beast.

What a pity!' he thought.

"Evil aura! Demonic energy!"

Suddenly, Austin shouted. He turned his eyes towards the frame of the Annihilator, the Demon Emperor.

The black evil aura was so strong that it seemed to tear the sky apart as it shot up towards the sky.

The Body Invading Skill of the demon race that Austin had practiced came in handy now. With it he was able to engulf the demonic energy.

At the moment, Austin was amazed as he looked at the extremely powerful evil aura emitted by the Annihilator, the Demon Emperor. He could hardly hide his joy. He began to think.

'These resources are very precious! And they're right in front of me. How lucky I am!

But the energy of the evil aura is terrifying!'

With Austin's current strength, he knew he would be annihilated by the strong power of the evil aura as soon as he approached Annihilator, the Demon Emperor, let alone absorbing demonic energy from it.

'Wait! I have an idea!'

Austin turned towards the demonic beast's shadow, which was gently caressing the gray egg with its huge head.

"Let's give this a try!"

Austin told himself. Using the spiritual sense, he gently asked the demonic beast's shadow to help him get close to Annihilator, the Demon Emperor.

The demonic beast's shadow nodded immediately.

It had to agree because Austin promised it that he would take good take of the gray egg. The demonic beast's shadow was very grateful to him, so it was willing to help him.

The demonic beast's shadow began walking towards Annihilator, the Demon Emperor. Amid deafening beast roars, the terrifying energy emitted from the shadow rushed at Annihilator, the Demon Emperor.

The moment the shadow's energy approached Annihilator, the Demon Emperor, the ferocious demonic energy of the evil aura that belonged to Annihilator, the Demon Emperor, started to rise against it immediately.

"It's my turn now!"

Austin started to walk cautiously behind Annihilator, the Demon Emperor. He tried to approach him slowly without attracting any attention.


Then Austin used his mind to move the Ancient Dragon Sword above his head.

As he did that, a white dragon appeared. It loomed in the air for some time. Then it quickly curled its body around Austin, encircling him completely to protect him from being hurt.

As all things seemed to be set in place, Austin finally approached Annihilator, the Demon Emperor.

The moment he reached closer to the Emperor, Austin set his plan in action.

Immediately, he used his Body Invading Skill.


The pure demonic energy rushed towards Austin like a tsun

dominant one.

It was just what he wanted!

It meant that the new one was just a puppet of the dominant one.

After refining the new spiritual soul, Austin needed to let it stay in the body of Annihilator, the Demon Emperor.

Austin used the spiritual sense to ask the demonic beast's shadow to restrain the Annihilator, the Demon Emperor's body.

The demonic beast's shadow answered immediately and agreed to do so. It started to attack the Emperor's body again.

When the demonic beast's shadow was attacking the Annihilator, the Demon Emperor, Austin started to control his new spiritual soul. He walked slowly and reached behind the Demon Emperor. He waited for some time. On getting the right opportunity he made a move.

A moment later, with the joint efforts of the demonic beast's shadow and Austin's strong spiritual sense, the new spiritual soul successfully entered into the Annihilator, the Demon Emperor's Soul Sea. This meant that Austin finally was able to get complete control of the Demon Emperor's body.

"We did it!

I can control his body now!"

Austin shouted overjoyed at his accomplishment.

Once Austin had got the control of the Emperor's body, he used the spiritual sense to communicate to the shadow again.

He asked the demonic beast's shadow to stop its attacks.


Austin ordered the Annihilator, the Demon Emperor's body.

Following the command, the Emperor's body started to move forward. It took a few steps ahead.


Just like it had started moving on receiving the order, the body followed the order this time too. It stopped as soon as Austin gave the command.

"What the hell is going on here?" The queen was unaware how Austin had done it.

Thus, she was totally shocked and astonished to see Austin control Annihilator, the Demon Emperor's body. She realized that there was probably nothing that could stop Austin, once he made up his mind to achieve something. And this time around, what he had achieved totally blew her away.

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