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   Chapter 1268 Ancient Dragon Sword

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The grey egg stayed close to Austin's arm. And it looked like the grey egg was stroking Austin. It actually liked Austin very much.

It was completely obvious that the grey egg could communicate with Austin after it had absorbed Austin's blood. Now, it trusted Austin very much.

That was the exact reason why the shadow of the demonic beast chose to ask Austin for help.

'All right! I will try my best to take care of it, but I can't promise that I will be able to help it hatch for real.'

After doing a lot of thinking, Austin finally nodded his head and sent a message to the shadow of the demonic beast through his spiritual sense.

He chose not to make any solid promises because he didn't think he would be lucky enough to find all of the materials that the grey egg needed to hatch.

The shadow of the demonic beast looked very happy with Austin's response and sent a message to Austin using its spiritual sense at once. In the message, it gave Austin instructions on how to hatch the grey egg.

Austin listened to the instructions carefully. Apparently, he needed to find enough top-grade treasures with a special nature and give it to the grey egg. Once the grey egg had absorbed the energy, it would be able to hatch.

Austin found that he had only heard of a few kinds of the top-grade treasures with the special nature beforehand, and some of the other treasures were completely strange to him.

'It looks like I will have difficulties finding these treasures, ' Austin sighed as he looked at the grey egg floating beside him.

Austin was indeed feeling pity for the demonic beast. Especially because the demonic beast still protected its own child, the grey egg, even after it was dead. It was heart-warming how much it liked its child.

That demonic beast looked at Austin with appreciation. After that, it turned around and walked towards the Battle Emperor.


All of a sudden, the demonic beast roared as it closed in on the Battle Emperor. Its roar was so loud that it made the space around them shake.

Then, it sent out a wave of terrible energy to attack the Battle Emperor.

'What is happening?'

Austin and the queen were shocked. They couldn't understand why the demonic beast wanted to attack the Battle Emperor.


At that moment, the bright purple light of the Battle Emperor also erupted. The strong purple vital energy force was now ready to attack the shadow of the demonic beast.

Boom! The

-grade primeval magic treasure.

Austin held his sword with one hand and suddenly pulled out the long sword.


The white sword-light it emitted was akin to tremendous waves. The moment Austin pulled the sword out, its sword-light rushed towards the sky with a ton of killing intent.

Now, the whole platform was covered by the sword-light, and the space filled up with a white mist. Suddenly, a giant white dragon appeared over the platform. As it floated above the platform, the dragon seemed to be real yet illusory at the same time, and everyone could feel an immense power coming from it.

As it turned out, primeval magic treasures were a great deal more powerful than archaic weapons actually.

Austin felt that he didn't even need to give his vital energy to the Ancient Dragon Sword to activate it. Instead, he only needed to use his mind to take control of the Ancient Dragon Sword as he held the Ancient Dragon Sword.

This was the biggest difference between primeval weapons and archaic weapons.

In order to control archaic weapons, the warriors would need to give their own vital energy to sustain the archaic weapons.

On the other hand, primeval weapons could absorb energy from nature to some degree to attack others.

Thus, using primeval magic treasures wouldn't cost warriors too much vital energy.

Of course, more than that, it also went without saying that the primeval weapons were even more powerful than archaic weapons.


Austin took a deep breath and suppressed his excitement. Now that he had the Ancient Dragon Sword, he would be able to improve his strength at a faster rate.

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