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   Chapter 1267 Be A Nanny

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"You spoiled imp! Stop playing such a trick on me! It is not funny!"

Austin felt both amused and helpless at the egg's funny response.

He then cast a look at the demonic beast shadow by their side from the corner of his eyes and saw it staring at them with a pair of alert eyes.

At that moment, Austin and the queen felt extremely nervous and their hearts were beating at a violent rate.

While all of this was happening, Austin sensed another faint disturbance from the gray egg in his Soul Sea at the same time.

"You want me to stay with you?"

uttered Austin in surprise all of a sudden.

Apparently, the grey egg expressed its intention to go with him by disturbing his mind and leaving a message!

Suddenly, the egg jerked and dashed into Austin's arms like a flash of gray lightning. Then, it nestled itself there and fondled his chest like a loving pet.

Spiritual waves were constantly being transmitted from the grey egg into Austin's Soul Sea.

This was because it was actually asking Austin to stay with it, and it kept on sending successive requests to get what it wanted.

At that moment, Austin was caught in a dilemma.

As much as he wanted to, it was truly impossible for him to stay on the platform and be in the company of the gray egg forever!

Having no idea what to do next, he racked his brain for a solution to his dilemma.

While Austin was busy thinking, the demonic beast shadow suddenly approached.

Austin and the queen stayed put and rallied all their vital energies secretly as they watched the demonic beast shadow walking toward them step by step with their hearts in their throats. They were alert and fully prepared to run if anything were to happen.

The demonic beast shadow stopped in front of Austin and reached out one of its paws towards him. Unexpectedly, it suspended its paw right before Austin's chest and softly touched the egg.

In the next moment, it turned towards Austin and settled its eyes on him.

Austin sensed a stir in his Soul Sea and immediately got a message through his spiritual sense.

It was from the demonic beast shadow.

"You want to talk with me?"

asked Austin in surprise as he turned to look at the demonic beast shadow.

It nodded in response.

All of a sudden, a wave of spiritual sense memory poured into Austin's Soul Sea like flowing sea water.

It immediately filled every corner of Austin's Soul Sea as if it were flood devouring a plain. The sea of spiritual sense memory then rolled to emit various messages and numerous pictures that unfolded in Austin's mind.

After a moment, Austin saw a different world so vividly that it seemed as if he had actually been there before.

Even though the pictures flashed through Austin's mind at a fleeting rate, he still saw every single one of them clearly.

The world he was seeing was strange and had endless boundaries. Its vast but empty land stretched far away into the horizon.

Suddenly, a fierce roar resounded in the air.

With that sound, a gigantic demonic beast came into Austin's view. Based on Austin's estimate, the size of the dem

vable that Austin could not help but flash a bitter smile.

This whole thing happened just because of a misunderstanding!

More than that, the demonic beast died because of such a ridiculous misunderstanding!

It entered a world it didn't belong to, triggered a fight, and was unfortunately killed by two forceful warriors.

It was actually very likely that such a thing would happen. After all, the demonic beast was exhausted and was extremely fearful after being pursued by the enemies that had been trying to kill it. Thus, it would have seen every single threat that it detected as an attack from its enemies.

Austin let out a deep sigh for the unlucky fate of the demonic beast.

He turned to cast the demonic beast shadow a look—his eyes full of sympathy.

Sorrow was now etched on the face of the demonic beast shadow. It seemed to have taken in all of its bad memories.

Soon the demonic beast shadow regained its composure and woke up from its reminiscence about its past. Then, it sent a message to Austin through its spiritual sense.

"What? You want me to take care of your baby?" asked Austin.

He felt surprised and stared at the demonic beast shadow with eyes wide with shock.

It nodded its head at Austin in response.

"Can't you take care of it yourself?"

Austin sent a message to the demonic beast shadow with his own spiritual sense.

After a while, he received an answer from the demonic beast shadow as well.

According to the demonic beast shadow, the grey egg needed to absorb the energy of various precious natural resources of a special nature for its incubation.

Therefore, there was no way it was going to hatch if it stayed on that platform forever. It had to leave that place and find the precious natural resources it needed to hatch.

It was for this reason that the demonic beast shadow asked Austin to leave with the egg and help it hatch if he ever found the special natural resources.

'What the hell!

Am I going to be a nanny?' Austin thought to himself.

He had absolutely no idea what to do next.

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