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   Chapter 1266 The Gray-colored Egg's Dependence

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Austin turned around and stared at the gray-colored egg. He was taken aback by what he saw.

He was surprised to see that his blood was flowing and penetrating into the egg shell slowly.

Since he was severely hurt, he spat out a large amount of blood. The blood loss was getting heavier and his wounds seemed to get severer.

While he was losing blood and was gravely injured, he was baffled that the gray-colored egg was absorbing his blood. As it took in the blood, its surface began dazzling. It was extremely strange.

As more and more blood got absorbed by that gray-colored egg, an obscure message appeared in Austin's Soul Sea.

It seemed like a living entity was trying to communicate something to him through his Soul Sea.

'Is this gray-colored egg alive?'

'Is there any life inside the egg?'

Austin was filled with these thoughts. Quite soon, he found that the obscure message had indeed come from the gray-colored egg.

Though he was able to receive it, he couldn't recognize the accurate meaning of the message.

He was totally confused. There was no way he could decipher the message.

The only option he had was to make a guess about the message and its meaning.

Something weird was happening which was beyond Austin's understanding.

"Watch out!"

Suddenly he heard the queen shout aloud. She was warning him about something because Austin's mind was engrossed in studying that gray-colored egg.

A growl was heard.

Hearing the growl, Austin turned around. He was shocked to see that the shadow of the demonic beast had come very close to him and was staring at him intensely.


The next moment, the demonic beast's shadow raised one of its giant paws. It was about to hit Austin who was lying on the ground, all injured and bleeding.

The terrifying strength which the paw carried filled Austin with horror. He knew that even a warrior of the Holy Realm would find it both dangerous and difficult to resist such an attack. The impact it could have on a lesser warrior like himself, who had been badly injured, was something that would send shivers down the spine!

'Will I die here today?' thought Austin to himself.

The moment that thought struck him, his energy rose to a new level. He had to fight back at all costs.

"Bastard! Back off!" the queen cursed.

She was far more powerful than Austin. Luckily, she was less injured too. Seeing Austin in great danger, she clenched her teeth and stood up. She rushed forward to help Austin.

Yet, at the same time she also realized that it was an impossible task to save Austin from the demonic beast's shadow, because the enemy was just far too strong.

Since she had met Austin for the first time in the small alternate dimension, he had become one of the most important person for her.

She knew that she wo

s fact became clear to him.

"Master, I am guessing that the gray-colored egg accidentally absorbed your blood and is now somehow connected to you. So, it kind of relies upon you and trusts you,"

Violet said to Austin softly, trying to clear his doubts.

She had explained the situation clearly and easily.

Austin thought over and felt Violet was probably right about it.

"All right. Let's go!"

Austin sent a spiritual message to the queen by using his spiritual sense. He felt now they could make a move and escape.

Both of them felt that it would be too dangerous to stay there any longer.

Austin got up and walked out of the platform with the queen.

Both of them moved cautiously. They were concerned that in case that they made any noise, it would disturb the demonic beast's shadow.

They were not in a position to resist or defend themselves from another attack.

Seeing an opportunity, Austin tried to quietly walk away. However, before Austin could cross a small distance, the gray-colored egg flew high and floated in front of Austin.

Austin was more than surprised to see the egg stopping him from leaving.

It seemed as if the egg didn't want him to go.

Austin found it both funny and annoying. It was humorous to be followed and stopped by an egg. It was like a baby pursuing someone it liked.

Although he knew that the egg had some good feelings towards him, it was a bad thing if it didn't let him go.

Eyeing the egg for a while, Austin felt that he was helpless. He turned around and walked in another direction to get out of the platform.

At that moment, his safety was his top priority.

The same thing happened again. The gray-colored egg began to fly. It rushed and floated before Austin again, blocking his way out. The egg was in no mood to let Austin move away from it. But why it was doing so, nobody seemed to know!

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