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   Chapter 1265 A Gray Egg (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6184

Updated: 2019-11-10 07:21

"Help! Help me!"

Wallace shook his head, as if taking himself out of the trance he was in, and shouted, "Let's attack together!"

A dozen human cultivators immediately stepped forward and shot a wave of vital energy force towards the shadow of the demonic beast.


With a dozen vital energy force towards the shadow, it was no doubt that they were able to put a stop to it.

The bald cultivator slowed down as he started to grow pale at the thought that he barely escaped death.

Even though the shadow was barely moving, everyone could still feel a cold shiver run down their spine. Without a second to waste, someone suddenly shouted in fear, "We have to get out of here!"

With that, Wallace moved first and rushed to get off the platform that was still shaking.

Indeed, the power of the shadow of the demonic beast was extremely strong.

Each human cultivator, who shot at the shadow, was top of the notch in the Prime Martial World, and even though there were a dozen of them who joined forces, they barely stopped that shadow.

Nobody dared to imagine any longer how much unfathomable its power truly was.

They all were frightened in their own way and knew that the longer they stayed on the platform, the more danger they were going to place themselves in, so without any hesitation, they all activated their bodily movement skills to get off the platform as quickly as possible.


The shadow of the demonic beast roared once more with its head held up high.


Another roar broke out of the area surrounding the platform as if it was responding to the roar of that of the shadow, making everyone panic even more.

"Oh, shit! Look! Hollow slaves!

They're all around us looking fanatic!

We have to get out of here as fast as we can! Go! Go!"

someone shouted in horror that he could not ev


Boom! Boom!

They fell hardly right next to the giant skeleton.

Puff! Puff!

Austin coughed and kept vomiting blood, feeling pain. He had sustained some severe internal injuries.

He tried to stand up but failed. He realized that his strength was still too weak to go against the cultivator of the Holy Realm.

He looked beside him and saw the queen. She was in no better shape as blood just kept gushing out of her mouth, and the more blood she let out, the more pale she grew. Austin rushed towards the queen, feeling frustrated and disappointed at himself.

However, at the thought of the bald cultivator and what he had done, his heart immediately filled with rage.

"That son of a bitch! If I ever live through this, I will definitely kill you!" he shouted, hoping that his threat would reach the bald man.

As he shouted, he did not notice that some of his blood had dropped onto the gray egg.


The egg suddenly shone brightly, making Austin cover his eyes from the light. Moments later, the light dimmed and they were able to open their eyes again. He watched as his blood was being sucked in by the egg.

Austin frowned in confusion and wondered what was happening.

"What? What is this?"

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