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   Chapter 1264 A Gray Egg (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 5892

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Everyone stopped and stared at the sword worn by the Battle Emperor. They all felt frustrated and disappointed; more so when they could not do anything about this at all.

The atmosphere that enveloped them felt very strange. Even though the Battle Emperor had already fallen, there was still a strong tinge of his vital energy all over the place, making it difficult for anyone to touch his body.

Despite this, a stocky, old man, whose curiosity got the best of him, moved and approached the giant skeleton to get a closer look.

The skeleton was massive with a size of at least forty to fifty meters tall and a body of about two to three hundred meters wide. The body looked like that of a mighty lion, but the head was that of a dragon.

Although what was left were bones and dust, the skeleton still gave out an august aura that made the old man shiver. He moved his gaze towards its four talons, still tightly clawed on the ground as if any moment, it was going to attack him. Alas, he turned and stopped his attention on its head, which was held up high as if it died roaring in agony or maybe rage.

The old man placed a hand on his chin and thought out loud, "Hmm, what kind of diabolic beast does this giant skeleton belong to? I wonder…"

At the old man's remark, everyone else started to grow curious.

Most of the cultivators were at least hundreds of years old now. There years promised them a wide expanse of knowledge and a whole rich experience regarding these kinds of things, and yet not a single one of them recognized what diabolic beast this skeleton was before its death.

As everyone else started to move cautiously towards the skeleton to get a better look, the stocky, old man's periphery caught sight of something laid beneat

wept from the skeleton and formed a gigantic and horrifying shadow of a demonic beast. The shadow stopped and looked around, and as soon as it saw the bald old man, it came straight towards him.

The bald man stood still in shock. Even though he was a cultivator of the Holy Realm, the sight and power of the shadow horrified him, and as soon as he regained his consciousness, he left the egg and turned around to lose the shadow that came for him.

However, no matter how hard the bald man ran, the shadow of the demonic beast still did not look like it was going to give up soon and continued to chase the bald man. The speed and building strength of the shadow shocked everyone that was left in the scene.

The shadow was so powerful that even a cultivator of the Holy Realm still had not match for it.

As the shadow moved passed, all of them went to the side to dodge it, and not one of them dared to go against the beast head on.


The shadow of the demonic beast was now right behind the bald cultivator. As the distance between them grew small, one of its talons stroke down on his back.

The bald cultivator screamed in pain and shouted in despair,

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