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   Chapter 1263 The Primeval Magic Treasure (Part Two)

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It is mine. Nobody else shall compete for it!" yelled someone, declaring his lust for the precious weapon.

All of a sudden, a flash of sword-light moved quickly towards where the Battle Emperor was standing.

The man who first made a move was the middle-age man in white who demanded to have Austin's Magic Sea Water earlier.

"No way. Stop there! You cannot keep all the good things to yourself!" shouted another person.

This time, it was the bald old man who was speaking. The bald guy was also hungry for treasure and didn't want to be left out. Therefore, as he spoke, he also moved quickly and flew toward the Battle Emperor.

Then, other hot-tempered warriors also clamored to get to the sword.

Now, several shadows were hurrying to the place where the Battle Emperor was standing, some of whom were even faster than the man in white and the bald old man who had set out before everyone else.

These men in a frenzy were all Holy Realm cultivators, and slim as their chances of succeeding were, they were still desperate to give it a try.

They were so driven that it seemed as if the primeval magic treasure had cast some sort of spell on them.

Its allure was so strong that it brought out the greediness and recklessness in these highly-esteemed and recognized warriors.

"Hey watch out! You are getting too close!"

Wallace shouted out loud all of a sudden.

But his warning came too late.

Wallace had barely finished talking when the sky suddenly burst into glamorous purple flames.

It seemed as if someone with a machine gun had opened fire.

The purple flame rushed out towards all directions and wildly strafed the entire room like darts and like bullets

As the shots were fired, a few blood-curdling screams were heard.

And several sorry figures were tossed out like they were nothing more than pieces of trash.

These figures were the few warriors who rushed to the Battle Emperor in an attempt to snatch the long sword from the Battle Emperor's waist.

r pagoda in his hand.

Apparently, in the face of such a precious treasure, there would always be people who would not be willing to give up no matter what.

Then, the old man in grey gave out a terrific vital energy force wave. And the golden pagoda expanded into a tremendous size in no time. Afterwards, the pagoda stood in a commanding position and the golden light it emitted became a shield that would protect the old man under it from the purple light.

This pagoda was a medium-grade archaic weapon.

As the old man in grey walked into the purple light, a deafening noise of metal crashing together resounded in the air.

And at the same time, the blazing purple light surged like a tsunami wave and violently devoured the man and his pagoda.

A cracking sound was heard.

The purple light hit the pagoda on its upturned eave and one of the corners broke into pieces.

"Ahh!" the man screamed as he spat out blood.

As the old man in grey was struck heavily on the chest, he was forced to spit out a lot of blood and he immediately turned as white as a sheet of paper. As it turned out, it was quite a heavy blow and he had suffered a deadly internal injury.

Then, he hurriedly took out some high ranking pills and rushed to take them.

After witnessing this, nobody was daring enough to give it a try again.

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