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   Chapter 1262 The Primeval Magic Treasure (Part One)

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On the platform, the Battle Emperor and Annihilator the Demon Emperor were both standing erectly as they stared intensely at the giant skeleton.

The two emperors stood so still that they looked like two carved figures instead of living people.

"Sir? Battle Emperor? Are you still alive?" asked someone in a soft whisper.

They stood there for so long that people actually started to worry.

As a matter of fact, all of the human warriors couldn't keep their eyes off the Battle Emperor on the platform, worried that something bad might have happened to this true master.

Although the Battle Emperor was filled with tremendous vital energy force momentum, there was no sign of life or vitality that could be felt from him.

"How about I go onto there and check it out? Let's go and check it out!"

Wallace moved at once and flew onto the platform.

After he left, the others followed closely.

The Battle Emperor carried himself in a sort of overbearing manner. Just by looking at the way he stood, one could already tell that he was an authoritative ruler through and through -- an unrivaled warrior and an unfailing role model to all. More than that, enveloping his body was a thick layer of purple vital energy force that kept anyone from getting near him.

The purple vital energy was also ablaze, shooting at the sky, rushing towards the platform, and engulfing the air all around him.

Some of the warriors then finally began to realize that the purple vital energy above the roof of the palace was actually being diffused from this platform.

"I think that the great Battle Emperor has passed away."

When Wallace came up to the Battle Emperor, he could only dare to stand about twenty meters away from the great man. He stood there, and felt for a moment. Then, he declared the bad news with a defeated voice and a sigh.

"But lucky for us, the good news is that Annihilator, the Demon Emperor has also died," said the old man in a green robe in a cheerful voice.

Upon hearing this, everybody was overcome with a sense of relie


A primeval magic treasure was a treasure one level higher than an archaic level magic treasure.

When it came to activating an archaic level magic treasure, the warrior using it would need to supply it constantly with their own vital energy. Otherwise, it would not stay active.

A primeval magic treasure, on the other hand, could directly use the energy between the heaven and the earth as its source of energy in some way.

Therefore, it required no vital energy from the warrior.

Compared to other magical treasures, this was a huge advantage for even a weak and fragile non-practitioner of martial arts would be able to activate a primeval magic treasure and release a tremendously damaging power.

According to old legends, there were only a few primeval magic treasures in the entire Prime Martial World. This, in addition to its power and advantages, made it much more precious and priceless than other magic treasures.

In fact, even a Holy Realm true master would be grubbing for a primeval magic treasure.

And it was such a thrilling surprise that one of the rare and priceless primeval magic treasures was right within their reach.

Now, everyone's eyes became beaming with lust.

"Ah a primeval magic treasure. And it also happens to be a long sword!

I am good at using long swords. It is obviously Heaven's will for me to have it.

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