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   Chapter 1261 The Hollow Slaves

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Soon, the members of the demon race started trickling in one by one.

Tension was rife, as both humans and demons, occasionally threw each other looks filled with hatred and disdain. They were barely able to keep it together as they tried to refrain from a full blown conflict.

There was no infinite aura inside the palace. So, everyone unleashed their spiritual sense to check out the depth of the palace.

Surprisingly, all of it returned empty.

In whichever direction they sent their spiritual sense, all they were able to detect was endless fog.

"There seems to be an array that has been set up here. It isolates our spiritual sense. We are not going to detect anything with our spiritual sense in this place.

We will have to check out this palace ourselves,"

Wallace said. His voice was filled frustration as all his attempts to check out the palace with spiritual sense failed.

Wallace was the best cultivator among them, yet he had not been able to detect anything with his spiritual sense.

A dozen human cultivators, who were led by Wallace, proceeded ahead into the palace with caution.

The same thing happened to the demon race. When they sent out their demonic spiritual soul to scan the place, it came back empty too. So, they took another direction and proceeded towards the inner section of the palace.

There appeared to be nothing but endless white fog inside the palace.

Moments passed as they kept walking in slowly.

Wallace, who was leading the group, suddenly grew rigid. It seemed as if he sensed something looming in the darkness.

"Everyone look out! Something is coming."

Wallace warned the other cultivators quickly.

Even before he could finish his sentence, a dozen figures came up from nowhere and began approaching them slowly. It took time to register their existence due to the cover of white fog.

"What is this?

Is it possible that there could be someone else in the palace?"

someone asked, fear evident in his voice.


Suddenly these figures increased their speed and charged towards the cultivators. Without uttering any word, they launched waves of energy blasts upon the humans.

Everyone was shocked to see those figures. They appeared like humanoids yet their bodies were all in a blur, especially their faces, which were c

ing purple light which was coming out of the figure and shot right into the sky

The other one was five to six meters in height with a ferocious look. It clearly looked like a demon!

His body was emanating strong, dark, evil aura that seemed to be so strong that it could tear up the sky.

Besides the giant skeleton, the man clad in purple and the demon, there was a high placed platform.

On keen observation they were able to make out that it was a sacrifice altar at the center of the platform. It was made of stones of seven colors. It radiated a vibe of mystery.

All the human cultivators had their eyes fixed on that purple-clad man. He looked familiar to them.

"Is he the Battle Emperor?"

They guessed and asked each other, wondering if he was the man they were looking for.

Legend and myths stated that the practice method applied by the Battle Emperor was the Purple Prime Cultivation Method.

And the purple-clad man was giving out a strong aura of purple vital energy force through his body.

On the other side, another set of cries were heard. "Annihilator the Demon Emperor! It is really him!"

Those who belonged to the demon race burst out into cheers. They were equally with overjoyed.

It was quite evident that the demon with the height of five to six meters, placed on that platform was indeed the Annihilator, the Demon Emperor.

Eight hundred years ago, it had been him who led the army of the demon race from the Heaven Claimer tribe of the Demon Abyss World to conquer the Prime Martial World.

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