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   Chapter 1260 Enter The Palace

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Austin and the queen were swallowing the Magic Sea Water to stop the infinite aura from eroding their bodies.

At that time, the people at the square turned towards their direction and spotted them.

'It's them! They're here now, '

everyone thought, totally shocked.

'This island is the place with the densest infinite aura. This young man has just been able to reach the preliminary stage of Heaven Realm. Then how did he dare to come here?' This thought kept lurking in everyone's mind.

"Didn't I ask you to leave this place?"

Julius's voice was heard as he addressed Austin.

Austin smiled in sheer embarrassment.

He could feel that Julius, the elder in green robes, cared for him sincerely. He was one of the few whom Austin regarded as a decent elder and respected him. There was genuine concern and kindness that seemed to radiate from Julius.

"Bastards! Now you have nowhere to hide.

I'll get hold of you and torture you to my heart's content."

A furious voice cursing them came from the distance.

The voice belonged to the bald-headed, old man who had followed Austin and the queen till there.

Everyone was at a loss. They had no idea what the elder was talking about.

Soon, the confusion on their faces disappeared.

They started to speculate what was going on between the bald-headed man and Austin. They had their own theory about it all.

When Wallace and his companions reached the island and didn't see that bald-headed man, they thought that he was killed by the infinite aura or something. They came to the conclusion because they didn't see him anywhere.

But it turned out otherwise, the bald-headed man had left secretly to chase Austin and the queen.

Having lived several hundred years, all the human cultivators present at the square were intelligent and observant. They surmised that the bald-headed elder must have planned to rob Austin and his companion of treasures.

Julius too understood why Austin and the queen had reached the square.

'They must have come here to dodge and escape from that bald-headed elder, ' he thoughtfully concluded.

He let out a snort and turned to look at Austin.

"Both of you come over here!"

He called out to Austin with a stern expression.

It didn't take long for Austin to realize that Julius was trying to protect him. He and the queen quickly entered the area of the square and stood beside him.


The result of his action left Wallace surprised.

He didn't expect that the door would open so easily. He thought it was guarded by strong power and spells, but he had been wrong.

"Guys, come with me!" Wallace said with a wave of his hand.

He stepped into the mansion and led all his men ahead.

Filled with curiosity, Austin too followed them. He was accompanied by the queen.

"Let's go and have a look there," the demon in charge said after seeing the human cultivators enter that mansion. He quietly gestured his crew to follow him.

"Lord Annihilator the Demon Emperor must be in the palace too."

He dashed into the mansion with other demons following him.

When the human cultivators stepped inside, they saw nothing but white fog. It had filled up the whole space.

The mansion occupied a vast area but they couldn't see its walls or the extent to which it lay, due to the fog.

"There is no infinite aura here!"

one of the cultivators exclaimed in delight when he discovered the absence of the infinite aura in the palace.

His words caught everyone's attention and drew the other cultivators out of trance.

'Yes! There is no trace of infinite aura in this palace.'

Everyone began to realize the same thing and felt extremely relieved.

The same feeling filled Austin too. 'Oh, yeah! I can finally stop infusing my vital energy into the Slaughtering Sword.'

He had been transferring his vital energy to the Slaughtering Sword from the time he had entered the area of the infinite aura. Now he could finally stop it. It was indeed a great relief for him.

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