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   Chapter 1259 Square At The Centre

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Luckily, Austin's physical strength was at another level, so he was able to release 4 million pounds of physical strength in order to move quickly and vigorously.

Within no more than several heartbeats, he had already carried the queen and traveled a great distance.


The bald elder shouted in a desperate voice.

Even though he had immense strength and powerful cultivation base, he still had to act cautiously while he was on the middle island. More than that, he also had to walk instead of using any bodily movement skill.

In the face of such intense infinite aura, he felt quite helpless. He had no choice but to let his vital energy flow constantly out of his body and into the archaic magic treasure in his hand.

This archaic magic treasure -- the bald elder's weapon -- was actually a bronze lamp.

And every time his vital energy flowed into it, the lamp wick lit up, emitting waves of an enticing soft yellow light. The bald elder was engulfed in this light to keep the infinite aura from invading his body.

"Bitch, just you wait and see! I won't let you go so easily,"

the bald elder said furiously. After he was fooled by Austin with an empty Space Ring, he started hating Austin to the bone.

He was not used to being fooled like that for he was a renowned warrior of Holy Realm. He was widely respected and put on a pedestal by lesser warriors of Heaven Realm. Thus, no one usually dared to irritate him.

However, today he was fooled by some insignificant warrior who was only at the preliminary stage of Heaven Realm, and there was no way he was going to let it pass.

Meanwhile, Austin had the queen's soft hand in his and was running as fast as he could towards the island.

As they ran, both Austin and the queen took bottles of Magic Sea Water from the Space Ring and drank it.

Without the Magic Sea Water, the two of them would have already grown into old people with gray hair and wrinkled skin.

This island they were trying to get to was situated right in the middle of the Nonuple Isles and was the largest one.

And even though the island was pervaded by the intense infinite aura, wild plants still flourished there.

Of course, both Austin and the queen had not seen those exotic flowers and rare herbs in any place other than that island.

It was an immensely strange and rare occurrence to have those plants growing in an island with such intense infinite aura.

Boom, boom!

All of a sudden, the entire island started shaking violently.

As it turned out, above the

y, the eaves that Austin saw before they crossed the forest belonged to this palace.

Not far away from the palace, two groups of people were standing on the square.

One side included a dozen human warriors under the leadership of Wallace.

While the other side included fighters of the demon race.

Strangely, both the human warriors and the demonic fighters were looking up at the space above the palace.

In the sky, there were two forces colliding with each other: one was the pitch-black demonic energy, and the other was the purple vital energy.

Apparently, the demonic energy and the vital energy that encompassed the sky above this island were coming from this palace.

"The infinite aura here is so intense,"

the queen muttered lightly.

Austin, on the other hand, also noticed the fact.

At that moment, the infinite aura seemed to find weaknesses in Austin's and the queen's body and started worming itself in.

Because of this, the two had to take dozens of bottles of Magic Sea Water from the Space Ring and drink it as fast as they possibly could.

But in spite of this, their bodies still continued aging.

And in no more than a few heartbeats, they became several years older.

Austin was shocked to see the change in his body because both he and the queen had been drinking as much Magic Sea Water as they could to stop the infinite aura from invading their bodies.

Now, their stomachs were full of the magic liquid, but it only seemed to help a little.

Under normal circumstances, the amount of life energy in even a drop of Magic Sea Water was enough to help people regrow their broken legs and arms, and even make the dead come back to life.

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