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   Chapter 1258 The Middlemost Isle

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''Hey, little boy! Stop right where you are! Do not take me as a fool.

I'm not an idiot. I know you have also collected plenty of the vermeil flaming fruits besides the Magic Sea Water.

Hand all of them over to me right this instant and don't even think of deceiving me.

Oh, and that archaic fan in your hand intrigues me as well. I'll be taking that too if you don't mind.

Leave everything I want and disappear from my sight right now. Don't even think about escaping or fighting back. It's not going to end pretty for you."

The bald elder smiled arrogantly. He was obviously not just greedy but also full of himself too.

"The vermeil flaming fruit?

I have never heard of that, sir. You must have mistaken it something else for it,"

Austin replied, confusion evident in his eyes.

"Do not try to play stupid. The vermeil flaming fruit could only grow and thrive beside the Magic Sea Water.

Also, I have sensed the fruit's aura beside the pond just now.

I am quite familiar with it because my primary cultivation method is related closely to fire. Its aura is quite strong that someone of my caliber could easily sense it even from a distance.

If the fruit weren't that important to me, I would have not stooped this low to steal them from you, kids.

But be thankful that I am in a good mood today because I am willing to spare your lives as long as you hand over what I asked of you.

This is your last warning! Give it to me now, or else you will never see the light of day tomorrow."

The bald elder was growing impatient as he continued to threaten Austin and the queen. With the uncooperative disposition of Austin, the old man's patience ran on a thin line.

His cultivation base was at the level of the Holy Realm. Disposing Austin and the queen was a piece of cake for him––the two could die in a flick of his finger.

'Wait a minute! The vermeil flaming fruit? Could it be those weird-looking fruits which we saw hanging on those green trees next to the Magic Sea Water?'

Austin suddenly recalled internally. He, too, grew curious about what they could be.

The vermeil flaming fruit must be quite valuable, considering a master at the Holy Realm would do anything––even stripping himself of his morals––to have it.

"Sir, we cannot make it out of the Nonuple Isles if we give all of the Magic Sea Water to you.

We are going to die either way."

Austin was well aware that the bald elder's offer was actually a trap. He claimed to spare their lives if they gave him what he wanted, but the power of the infinite aura would kill them in a matter of seconds without the protection from the Magic Sea Water. It was the only thing that would keep them alive.


ey approached that isle, the more intense and powerful the infinite aura got.

Before long, Austin and the queen had drunk a dozen bottles of Magic Sea Water.

However, even with that number, they could still feel some infinite aura peeping into their bodies.

With the aura penetrating their system, the two looked as if they have aged for two years.

Meanwhile, the bald elder, who was also getting closer to the isle, slowed down his speed and became cautious as he approached the island.


Austin and the queen stopped and landed on the ground. Finally, they made it to the middlemost isle of the Nonuple Isles.

However, just as they were about to rejoice, a blaring sound echoed in the entire area.


Their joy was quickly replaced by fears and astonishment.

The infinite aura of this isle was at least ten times stronger than the previous one.

Before long, Austin and the queen soon realized they had aged again.

They immediately took out several more bottles of the Magic Sea Water

and chugged all the liquid.

Luckily, they had collected thousands of bottles of the Magic Sea Water; otherwise, they would not have survived their trip to the middlemost isle.

It seemed as if the world and all its energy and spirits were all on their good sides.

"Son of a bitch! You have nowhere to hide now."

Right at the moment, the wrathful swear of the bald elder was heard by Austin from behind.

The latter knew that the former had arrived––well and alive too.


With his quick instinct and reflex, Austin dragged the queen to the inside territory of the isle.

Suppressed by the intense infinite aura on this isle, Austin and the queen could not use their bodily movement skills. Instead, they could only rely on the power of their physical strength.

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