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   Chapter 1257 Get Ready To Run

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"What are you waiting for? Do I have to take the Magic Sea Water from you myself?"

The white-clad man pressed on despite the protest of the green-robed old man, and his gazed pierced Austin like a sword.

Austin felt that he was surrounded by numerous sword aura which was slowly inflicting pain physically and mentally. It was as if he was slowly being pierced from all directions by sharp edged blades.

It felt like the white-clad man could easily cut him into pieces with a flick of his finger.

The crowd stood there and ogled Austin as if they were watching an interesting show which was slowly unfolding. They were quite curious and intrigued as to what Austin's next move would be.

That white-clad man was a cultivator of the Holy Realm, and his name had been well-known for hundreds of years all over the South Continent.

He was considered as one of the best and the strongest cultivators of the entire South Continent.

Normally most warriors would definitely cave in and simply give up under such circumstances. Some would even opt to suck up to him just to survive.

Yet Austin not only showed indifference, there was no sign of fear in his eyes. His confidence gave him courage and strength.

"Sir, I found the Magic Sea Water all by myself with my own skills.

I didn't robbed or stole it from anyone. Is it really appropriate for someone of your status and power to demand it from me just like that?"

Austin said slowly and humbly, which was the complete opposite of the manner and tone of which the white-clad man used earlier. His voice was filled with honesty.

Everyone was stunned by Austin's reaction and words.

He was a mere cultivator at the preliminary stage of Heaven Realm, yet he was bold enough to question a cultivator of the Holy Realm.

"Have you lost your mind, boy?"

The white-clad man was suddenly infuriated with what Austin had said.


The space was instantly filled with the sword aura which gradually turned into actual swords and came straight for Austin.

Austin was completely surrounded by sword aura both visible and invisible, and every inch of his body was targeted. There was no room for escape.

"That's enough Baldwin! Where are your manners! He is just a young man!"

The green-robed old man waved his sleeves and a powerful vital energy force blew pass Austin, and broke up all the sword aura in a flash.

"Julius what the hell are you doing?

He is not related to you in any way, is he? Why are you defending him?"

The white-clad man roared in anger. His eyes turned into slits and were filled with contempt.

"Knock it off already guys! Let's just head over there quickly

before the demon race beats us to it."

to be safe."

Austin also gave it a thought and found it unwise to enter the island in the center.

Given the look of that white-clad man earlier as he left, he clearly held a grudge against him. And he might kill Austin on the spot if their paths cross once more.

If they met again, he would probably find another excuse to cause trouble and kill him. Austin was well aware that he was not strong enough at the moment to face the likes of that old man. It would just be suicide.

Austin and the queen prepared to use their bodily movement skill to fly away from the Nonuple Isles from a different path.

Both of them just drank their fill of the Magic Sea Water. The magic liquid of life ran through their veins like a raging river, which made it easier for them to deal with and resist the strong infinite aura. This helped them fly away using their vital energy force with ease.

"Ha-ha, you are absolutely right. It is high time for the both of you to leave.

But you will have to leave something in exchange for your safe departure."

A voice suddenly rang out which came out of blue, and then a figure emerged slowly from the void. It was a fat and short man with a bald head, raging fires surrounded his body.

"Sir, what exactly are you talking about?"

The second Austin and the queen laid their eyes on this man, they recognized him immediately as a cultivator of the Holy Realm from the West Continent. He left earlier with everyone else but he actually returned secretly.

"Get ready to run."

Austin got an ominous feeling the moment the bald old man showed up. It was obvious that he was up to no good. And Austin soon realized what the man was after.

Austin knew they would not stand a chance against a cultivator of the Holy Realm, and that left them with only one choice.

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