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   Chapter 1256 Hand Over Your Magic Sea Water

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"Go to hell!"

the demon screamed at them sternly.

As his fury rose, his demonic energy surged up and glowed. It began sweeping across towards Austin and the queen.

The strong force that emanated from the member of the demon race, engulfed the whole space.

Austin and the queen were dumbstruck at the demon's formidable strength.

Both of them knew very well that they could not get into a brawl with the demon at all. They felt that it was best if they exerted all their strength to retreat at once.

"Oh! Come on! How can you do this to two kids? It's so unfair!"

A sarcastic voice rang out in the air, all of a sudden.

At the same time, a pure and overwhelming vital energy force appeared in front of Austin and the queen. It started shielding them from the attack of the forceful demonic energy.

A green figure came into vision with a flash and stood beside Austin.

"Sir! It's you!"

Austin was surprised to see the person who appeared beside him.

The one, who had just now saved Austin and the queen, was the elder who was dressed in a green robe.

"You reckless little fool! Do you have any idea what you have gotten into? This is the Nonuple Isles! Don't you know how dangerous it is here? You could have died any minute!"

the elder scorned Austin out of concern.

For some reason, Austin felt that the elder was saying all that for his sake. He was touched by the words and the concern shown by the elder.

If the elder had not made a timely appearance, Austin and the queen would have been killed by the formidable demon in a jiffy.

The elder in the green robe, didn't know that Austin and the queen were forced to get there. They had not entered the place on their own free will but because they had been forced.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The elder in green and the demon got into an intense fight. The strong impact of the clashes between the vital energy force and the demonic energy reverberated in the sky. It shook the earth and frightened all to the core.

When the elder activated his vital energy, Austin was able to analyze that he was a Holy Realm cultivator.

Surprisingly, the demon saint was as strong as a Holy Realm cultivator.

Shoop! Shoop! Shoop!

The attacks became severe and the fight intensified. It went on for a while between the two of them. Suddenly they heard swooshing sounds.

Several figures flashed out of nowhere. All of them flew across and stood beside the elder in the green robe.

All of them were human cultivators who had entered the Nonuple Isles earlier. Each of them was strong and formidable.

On the other hand, more and more strong members of the demon race arrived there as well. The powerful aura around them surged high. Their demonic energy w

ose in Austin's chest. It annoyed him immensely that the man was ordering them as if they were his subordinates. Not just that, he was demanding that Austin and the queen should give away all the bottles of the Magic Sea Water.

"Baldwin, what do you mean?"

the elder in green asked the middle-aged man.

"Well, most of the infinite aura is coming from the central island. The Magic Sea Water has the power to shield us from the infinite aura.

Now that we need to go towards the central island to find the Battle Emperor, it would be beneficial for us if they hand over the Magic Sea Water they had collected. Finding the Battle Emperor is a matter of concern for the whole Prime Martial World. With the help of the Battle Emperor, we will definitely win against the demon race and save the Prime Martial World from any danger."

Baldwin, the middle-aged man in white explained it to the elder and the others around him.

"I agree with you, Baldwin. But we already have gotten some elixirs from the other islands. Those elixirs should be enough to protect us from the infinite aura.

Both of them fought so hard to get the Magic Sea Water. It's theirs now. We can't just order them to hand over the Magic Sea Water like that! We don't have the right to do such things!"

the elder in the green robe remarked.

On hearing that, Austin and the queen got to know that every island had elixirs against the infinite aura.

The middle-aged man named Baldwin too had gotten many elixirs to shield him from the infinite aura. Thus, all that he had said was a mere excuse to rob Austin and the queen of their Magic Sea Water.

As soon as Austin realized it, the hatred he had towards Baldwin increased manifolds. Anger filled his chest for he hated it when men deployed ways to rob him of his treasures or possessions.

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