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   Chapter 1255 Taking The Magic Sea Water

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"This is utter nonsense! It was a very dangerous move!

Do you want to die? How careless of you!"

Austin heard these words. It looked as if someone was scolding them in a cold tone.

Austin recognized the voice which was reprimanding them. He knew that it was Wallace.

Wallace, from the East Continent, was in charge of the mission this time.

The next moment, four or five people from the nearby island used their spiritual sense to detect Austin and the queen.

'They dare to use their spiritual sense in the Nonuple Isles, '

Austin wondered in surprise and shock.

"These people's cultivation base is at the Holy Realm. They may be the strongest masters in the Prime Martial World."

The queen frowned as she concentrated on the humans around. It was evident that she was scared of them.

"Holy Realm!"

Austin was surprised. He could just repeat those words in reply!

The Semi-holy Realm was higher than the Primal Holy Realm while the Holy Realm was higher than the Semi-holy Realm.

Masters at the Holy Realm were the strongest and regarded as great masters in the Prime Martial World.

Now it made sense to Austin. It was no surprise for him anymore that they could use their spiritual sense even when they were in another island of the Nonuple Isles.

"Let's go! It's time to get the Magic Sea Water!"

Saying those words, some powerful figures slowly flew from that island to the island where Austin had landed.

"Ha-ha! You want to get the Magic Sea Water! But first you'll need to defeat me."

All of a sudden, the sound of harsh laughter echoed across the island. Meanwhile, some masses of black evil cloud could be seen on another island. The evil cloud too rushed to the island where Austin stood. The evil cloud belonged to someone from the demon race.

Like the humans, they also used the demonic spiritual soul to detect Austin and the queen. It seemed that the demon race wasn't afraid of them.

"Demon race!"

Austin and the queen were in the state of shock as they realized the presence of the members of the demon race.

Only the masters of the demon race could fly and use their demonic spiritual soul to detect others in the range of the Nonuple Isles.

"Damn it! Though we are the first to find the Magic Sea Water, they want to get it first. How dare them!

Undoubtedly, we can't survive and live for a long time without the Magic Sea Water. Probably, we won't be able to walk out of the Nonuple Isles without it.

It does not matter what happens! Let us collect the Magic Sea Water as soon as possible,"

Austin spoke as he gritted his teeth.

He touched hi

It was extremely strong!

Austin knew that it was a terrible and highly positioned master of the demon race who wanted to kill him and the queen.


Austin shouted out.

Surely they didn't have the strength to resist the attack. The only way for them was to run as fast as possible and prevent being attacked.

Luckily, both of them had drunk a considerable amount of the Magic Sea Water before the attackers pursued them, so they weren't afraid of the infinite aura now.

Austin used the Demonic Teleportation Skill. He vanished from the spot where he stood and appeared four or five thousand meters away, in a blink of an eye.

The queen was also able to fly at a high speed. Soon she appeared beside Austin.

Fortunately, both of them were able to escape from the attack.


Suddenly, the island started shaking furiously.

Though it shook, it was clear that the ground of the island was very hard as it had dense infinite aura.

The terrible evil palm hardly caused any harm to the ground of the island. It just made dust fly in the air.


If this place wasn't filled with the infinite aura, I could have killed these two over a hundred times with one attack!"

the master of the demon race roared angrily. Due to the loud sound he made, the space of the whole island began shaking.

That was when Austin realized that it was a demon saint, whose strength was equal to a human cultivator at the Holy Realm.

"Ha-ha! You were lucky to escape my last attack, but you can't run away this time!"

Austin and the queen suddenly saw a beam of black light before them. The next second, a strong and ferocious demon appeared in front of them. He was ready to lunge at them and attack. They were taken aback.

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