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   Chapter 1254 How Did You Get In Here

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The Nonuple Isles consisted of nine islands. One was located in the middle, and the other eight formed a circle around the central one.

The islands were not very far from each other. As a matter of fact, the distance between each island was just about four to five kilometers, and when standing on one island, one could see the others with the naked eye.

After observing for a while, Austin and the Queen flew towards one of the islands with much caution.

The island had a circumference of a thousands of miles, but other than its size, what made Austin and the Queen surprised was that there were plants growing sparsely on the island.

All of the plants in that place looked very weird, and what they had in common was that all of them were very tall. Even a single straw of grass had a height of about several meters.

The highest part of the entire island was located right in its middle. In it, there were jagged rocks and towering old trees.

Although not very tall, these old trees were absolutely magnificent. Seeing them was enough to make people breathless from the endless pressure that seemed to be coming directly from it.

"What a surprise! I didn't think that there would be plants in the Nonuple Isles."

Finally, Austin and the queen landed on the island, and they couldn't help but be surprised at the weird-looking plants that were on it.

They found it absolutely incredible that these plants could grow in such a severe and unforgiving environment.

It was obvious that these plants were not common and possessed some extraordinary characteristics given how they were able to resist the infinite aura.


After landing on the island, Austin and the queen were even more shocked. As it turned out, the island contained even more infinite aura.

In fact, it was at least ten times stronger than outside!

The infinite aura was overwhelming. Even though Austin and the Queen had the archaic magic treasure in their hands, the infinite aura was still able to obliterate the protective shield given by the magic treasure and invade their bodies.

They felt as if the essence of their bodies were slowly deteriorating and their lives were slowly being consumed by the power of time.

After just a moment, both of them became a decade older.

It was absolutely terrible!

Austin found that he began to age from a young man with red lips and pearly-white teeth to a middle-aged man who was full of vicissitudes.

The Queen, on the other hand, got a lot more wrinkles on her face over that short period of time. More than that, her delicate and white skin also began to turn rough.

The infinite aura began to erode them.

Still quite shocked over what was happening, Austin took out the jade bottle containing the Magic Sea Water as fast as he could. Then, he used his vital energy force and a dozen drops of Magic Sea Water sprayed out of the bottle.

In order to slow down the aging of their bodies, Austin and the Queen drank about four or five drops of Magic Sea Water each.

"This, however, is not a permanent solution."

Austin frow

By now, she looked like a woman in her forties who was fast approaching the age of fifty.

As a woman, she, of course, cherished her beauty very much.

With that, Austin and the Queen rushed to the small pool hurriedly.

The moment they got there, they seemed to forget everything as they bent over and gulped down the Magic Sea Water.

The full-bodied source of life continuously flowed into Austin's and the Queen's bodies. Now, both of them felt comfortable as the infinite aura in their bodies was driven out.

A moment later, they finally spoke again.

"It is so comfortable!"

Austin finally raised his head and said with satisfaction.

Meanwhile, the Queen also stopped drinking the Magic Sea Water.

"You became young again!"

They blurted out almost at the same time.

Both of them recovered their looks. In fact, they looked even younger than they did before.

"I think that the Magic Sea Water in the small pool is more than ten times stronger than the one you had in your jade bottle before,"

the Queen said.

"I think you're right. The Magic Sea Water in the small pool really is strong,"

Austin answered.


"Turns out the Magic Sea Water existed in that island.

But why are there two human beings on that island? Who on earth are you?"

All of a sudden, an extremely harsh thunder resounded from another island.

Austin and the Queen were stunned. They looked as far as they could and saw several people looking at them from far away.

They were the human warriors who had stepped into the Nonuple Isles beforehand. Most of them were warriors at the Semi-holy Realm.

"Gee, how could you be here, boy? Why are you here?"

Someone's spiritual sense reached out to Austin and let out a surprised gasp.

As soon as he heard the voice, Austin recognized it to be from the old man in the green robes.

It was the green-robed old man, together with the old man in red robes, who had guided the warriors of the South Continent in their journey from the Sand City to the Middle World Waters.

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