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   Chapter 1253 Turning Grey In A Flash (Part Two)

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"Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!"

Shortly after, dozens of cultivators also utilized their bodily movement skills and dashed toward the same direction.

This group of cultivators were all at the Primal Holy Realm, covering all stages of this realm including the preliminary stage, the medium stage, and the premium stage.

Additionally, they all carried magic treasures at the holy weapon level to protect themselves.

As was known to all, the legend said that there were exceptionally precious natural medicine and rare natural materials growing in the Nonuple Isles.

So they all wanted to go there for treasure hunting.

In addition, Austin's success in entering that place also boosted their confidence to do so.

Most cultivators took great pride in their own abilities. Austin, a cultivator at the preliminary stage of Heaven Realm, was able to do it, and since they were at the Primal Holy Realm, a realm higher than that of Austin, they were confident that they could absolutely do it too.

After a while, dozens of cultivators had already entered the range of the infinite aura with great confidence. Since they had not landed on an isle of the Nonuple Isles yet, they were still moving beyond the sea water of the Middle World Waters. In other words, up to now, the sea water was still below their feet, and at the same time their bodies were surrounded by the infinite aura.

Then, all of a sudden, a flood of the overwhelming infinite aura wrapped around all of these cultivators and started invading their bodies little by little.

Next, the appalling power of the infinite aura, which caused destruction, decrepitude, and death, began to take effect.

In panic, all of them slowed down their bodily movement skills and began transferring all the vital energy from their bodies to their holy-weapon-level magic treasures.

"Ah! Help!"

a middle-aged man yelled, He was at the prelimin

l of the cultivators who were able to survive and return after turning into old men and old women glared at the backs of Austin and the queen with regret and immense grudges.

At the same time, they kept wondering in their minds why Austin, the detestable bastard, could make it in there whereas their own attempt yielded such unexpectedly horrible results.

Meanwhile, Austin and the queen heard miserable screams from behind them and turned their heads to look back.

They were absolutely astonished to witness the quickening decrepitude or deaths of the cultivators that had been trying to attack them a while ago.

Austin knew very well why he was able to be safe and sound despite being within the range of the infinite aura for so long.

It was because he had archaic weapons, enough vital energy within his body, the Magic Sea Water, and a robust physical strength.

What's more, the physical vitality of a body-refining cultivator was actually stronger than that of other cultivators.

"We'd better land on the nearest isle first. Let's go!"

Austin took out the jade bottle once again and sent two drops of Magic Sea Water flying out of the bottle, one for him and one for the queen.

Then, without hesitation, they flew towards the nearest isle.

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