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   Chapter 1252 Turning Grey In A Flash (Part One)

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But it seemed that there was no turning back.

At that moment, they were caught in a difficult dilemma. If they headed back to where the warship was, they were bound to get entangled in yet another life-and-death fight. On the other hand, if they headed forward to the Nonuple Isles, they would face grave danger.

Austin hesitated for a while. Then suddenly, he thought of the half a bottle of Magic Sea Water that he had been carrying.

It was said that the Magic Sea Water was full of the energy of the source of life, and even a single drop of the Magic Sea Water contained large amount of this kind of energy.

The infinite aura meant destruction and decrepitude, while the Magic Sea Water, which contained the energy of the source of life, represented vitalization.

They were two completely opposite substances.

Then, an idea flashed through Austin's mind. He realized that since the Magic Sea Water contained the energy of the source of life, then it would protect them against the infinite aura.

"Let's try using the Magic Sea Water,"

Austin said to the queen.

Without waiting for the queen to answer, he took out a jade bottle that contained half a bottle of azure liquid from his Space Ring.

He then held the jade bottle in his hand and gave it a gentle shake. Next, two drops of Magic Sea Water went flying out of the bottle, with one going into Austin's mouth, and the other into the queen's mouth.

The moment they ingested it, they both felt a flood of life energy start flowing through their bodies.

Little by little, the energy of the Magic Sea Water began to moderate the infinite aura that had invaded their bodies.

It worked!

Austin and the queen immediately went into rapture at the efficacy of the magic liquid.

It turned out that the Magic Sea Water actually deserved to be called one of the three principal magic liquids in the Prime Martial W

why won't I?

It is highly possible that the legend exaggerates the danger of the Nonuple Isles.

I just don't trust that legend!"

a tall and stalwart man said loudly. On this man's back was a stone axe the size of a millstone which exerted countless overlapping illusive scarlet axe intent that surrounded his body.

"Would anyone else dare to come? If so, let's go together!

When we get in there, we can pluck several precious medicinal herbs. It will worth it, won't it?"

As soon as the stalwart man's voice faded away, the stone axe on his back darted towards the sky and floated above his head, ensuing an illusive burst of measureless stern axe intent.

This stone axe was a veritable top-grade holy weapon, and its owner, the stalwart man, was a cultivator at the premium stage of Primal Holy Realm.


The stalwart man began striding toward the Nonuple Isles, with each of his strides spanning several thousand meters.


Another cultivator took out his sword and the sword's flashing sword aura spread all over the sky. Its sword-light was so sharp and fierce that it seemed to tear apart the void. Then, this cultivator also rushed towards the same destination, keeping up with the stalwart man in no time at all.

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