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   Chapter 1251 Nonuple Isles

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Austin breathed a sigh of relief.

Thanks to the archaic magic treasure he owned, he was able to go to this place. Without it, he probably would have been eroded by the infinite aura in the area the second he stepped into this place. Especially since his current cultivation base wasn't strong enough to resist the infinite aura.


All of a sudden, a grayish translucent figure passed by in a flash. Austin immediately recognized the figure as the queen heading into the area full of infinite aura. At once, she went to Austin's side with her magic fan in one hand.

The magic fan was teeming with a roaring flame that formed a burning mantle around the fan, and was able to effectively shut off the infinite aura.

Apparently, not like Austin, the queen could be at ease despite the infinite aura.

It was in such situations that the superiority of her high-level cultivation base over Austin's could be seen.

However, Austin made up for his sub-par cultivation base through the large amount of vital energy inside his body which allowed him not to worry about the consumption of vital energy at all.

Before even reaching the core region of Middle World Waters, Austin had already predicted that there would be a big war between human warriors and the demon race.

So, he made sure to absorb the vital energy of millions of divine vital energy crystals, treasures from the heaven and earth, and pills before he set off.

Now, the vital energy stone in Austin's elixir field had a huge amount of vital energy in store.

Besides, because of the Golden Sun Scripture that Austin was using, there were two enormous golden light balls existing in the energy meridians of his elixir field, which were also full of vast vital energy.

Thus, simply put, Austin had absolutely no need to worry that the vital energy inside his body would be used up.

Having a ton of vital energy was Austin's trump card which made him brave enough to enter the area with infinite aura.

As long as there was endless vital energy infused in his Slaughtering Sword which made his Slaughtering Sword full of energy, he would have something to prevent the infinite aura from invading his body.

Meanwhile, the other warriors of the Heaven Realm or even the warriors of the Primal Holy Realm dared not to stay in the area of infinite aura for a long time, even with archaic magic treasures.

Because once they run out of vital energy, the infinite aura would kill them at once.

"We should just stand here and wait. They won't stay long.

They will absolutely come out! Especially Austin since he is just at the preliminary stage of Heaven Realm. I'm guessing t

of an hour when exposed to the infinite aura.

How could Austin dare to go into the Nonuple Isles?

It is said that the closer one gets to the nine isles, the stronger the infinite aura becomes.

Especially the isle in the middle, where the infinite aura is the strongest. Even warriors of the Semi-holy Realm would not dare to approach it.

But obviously, Austin is not scared of death at all.

What a pity!"

another man murmured.

However, he could not care less about Austin's welfare. Instead, he felt sympathy for the treasures that Austin had, and everyone knew it.

Meanwhile, Austin and the queen went into the Nonuple Isles with extreme caution.

Five thousand meters, four thousand meters, three thousand meters...

They infused their energy into the archaic weapons constantly to resist the infinite aura, and did not ever dare to stop.

Otherwise, the infinite aura would invade their bodies at once.

When they were about two thousand meters away from the nine isles, the infinite aura suddenly got stronger. There, the infinite aura was nearly several times stronger than that in the far place.

At that moment, Austin and the queen felt a chill in their bones. Fear pierced their bodies like sharp needles.

"My goodness! The more we go in, the stronger the infinite aura is!"

Austin exclaimed. The pale color of his face showed how fearful he was. He was astonished that despite them still being two thousand meters away from the nine isles, the infinite aura was already so strong.

'If we really get into those nine isles, then the infinite aura there would be much stronger than this.

How will we be able to resist it?'

At that moment, Austin's heart filled with regret over stepping into this dangerous place recklessly.

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