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   Chapter 1250 Entering The Area Of Infinite Aura

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Austin had no other choice. He had to head for the Nonuple Isles because hundreds of cultivators were coming after him. They were advancing toward him from the other three directions.

The number of people pursuing Austin kept increasing. They were all after Austin in order to get his treasures.

At first, Austin was followed by nearly two hundred pursuers. Now, after the news passed around, there were over six hundred cultivators chasing him.

These cultivators kept attacking Austin with their violent, powerful vital forces from various distances. As a result, Austin was forced to run towards the Nonuple Isles.

"Ha-ha! You brat! What will you do now? The Nonuple Isles are in front of you. Now there is no way for you to escape from us."

"This guy was foolish to run towards the Nonuple Isles. Now he has got nowhere to flee. He is in dire trouble!

He has just managed to reach the preliminary stage of Heaven Realm. I don't think he would dare to go near those isles."

"Austin, you're as good as dead!" All these voices echoed in the air.

Noticing that Austin had flown towards the Nonuple Isles, his pursuers started gloating and became excited. They got the chance to mock him for making such a gross mistake.

They sped up to catch their prey.

All of them strongly believed that Austin wouldn't be able to get away from them now.

"Go away!"

They all heard someone shout. Soon they saw a transparent gray shadow which flew through the cultivators, who were chasing after Austin. It began releasing a formidable evil energy.

Countless indigo balls of wind which gave off heat spread in different directions.


All of a sudden, dozens of cultivators let out shrill cries. They were surrounded by the balls of wind.

The next moment, they were all burnt to death. Their dead bodies turned into ashes and fumes, and were blown away into the sea.

It was the queen who had come to Austin's aid. She had taken down all those men with a single attack.

Watching Austin moving towards the Nonuple Isles while being pursued by over six hundred cultivators, she had been quite worried about his safety.

Aware that Austin was no match for his enemies, she had decided to come to his rescue. She had rid herself of the woman, clad in indigo, who belonged to the New Moon Sect and the man, dressed in black, of the Song Clan.

And very intelligently, the queen used the Rigid Fire Fan to attack Austin's pursuers. As all those cultivators

y Realm.

"That brat broke into the area filled with infinite aura."

"He is planning to commit suicide!"

"He would rather enter that dangerous zone than let us get his treasures."

"He has just managed to reach the preliminary stage of Heaven Realm. His forte is his bodily movement skill. Now that he has got into that area, there is no way he can get through this."

"Looks like the brat has made up his mind to die."

All the cultivators stopped wherever they were and kept staring at Austin who was standing about one kilometer away from them.

They were extremely disappointed as they had not been able to get Austin's treasures.

On the other hand, Austin started to rush towards the area full of infinite aura.

Before he stepped in, he infused his vital energy into the Slaughtering Sword. All of a sudden, an enormous bloody aura gushed out from the sword. It enveloped Austin to protect him.

The moment he was in that area, he felt that something was wrong.

'What the hell?'

A spooky, bleak atmosphere filled his surroundings. And a weirdness overcame him.

He could sense aging, destruction and death.

It took him a few moments to realize that he was being attacked by the infinite aura. He was appalled to find his skin was losing water slowly and becoming wrinkled and loose.

Startled at the happenings, he transferred his vital energy into the Slaughtering Sword.

More streaks of bloody sword aura came out from the sword. These streaks formed a red mist and kept covering Austin.

The red mist was becoming dense in thickness. That was the method Austin employed to save himself from the infinite aura.

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