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   Chapter 1249 The Group Attack (Part Two)

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In other words, once they obtained an archaic weapon, they would immediately be endowed with the ability to defeat their peers. What's more, they could even be in par with warriors in higher stages. What a sweet temptation!

However, to their utter astonishment, right before their very eyes was a lad who was only in the preliminary stage of Heaven Realm, and yet he possessed an archaic weapon. ''How could this be true? He doesn't deserve it! Such a waste for some weakling like him to own an archaic weapon!'

The warriors around were suddenly jealous and envious of Austin. Most of them thought of stealing the archaic weapon from him.

"Ha-ha. Listen everyone, I've heard that Austin had four archaic weapons in total in his possession.

Besides that, he even has the treasures left by a great master in the Emperor Realm as well as a peerless codex.

Let's work together and catch him. Then we could interrogate and search him thoroughly in order to find out whether he is really a spy of the demon race or not,"

one of the fourteen overmatches in the premium stage of Primal Holy Realm suggested. All of them had powerful spiritual sense, and they could easily sense that the other warriors greedily stared at the Slaughtering Sword in Austin's hand. They were like a pack of wolves salivating because they saw a delicious prey.

Therefore, one of the fourteen overmatches in the premium stage of Primal Holy Realm suddenly had a great idea. He planned to persuade the surrounding warriors to work with them in order to catch Austin. This could lessen their burden in trying to catch Austin on their own. Besides, they could just sit back and relax while the other warriors worked hard.

Four archaic weapons!

The treasures of a great master in the Emperor Realm!

The peerless codex!

Each of these things was quite a desirable prize to any warrior.

Once they heard this p

reds of warriors, Austin started to think of a way out. He was not some idiot who would just stand there and do nothing as if he was already prepared to die

A never ending flow of the demonic energy within his bones spewed as he activated the Demonic Teleportation Skill.

In a split second, Austin suddenly appeared somewhere four to five thousand meters away from his previous location.

"Go and get him!"

the greedy warriors shouted, and chased after Austin.

Simultaneously, numerous violent vital energy forces assaulted Austin across the air.

Hundreds of blast waves which released powerful vital energy force roared past the sea, which created hundreds of deep ravines on the seawater.

The scene was quite spectacular for one to behold. Austin wasn't in the mood though.

It was beyond Austin's ability to defend himself from the hundreds of rays of vital energy force assaults. It would surely get himself killed if he tried to do so.

In order to protect himself from the ferocious attacks, he displayed the Demonic Teleportation Skill without a break, running fast on the sea as fragmentary shadows.

Forced by the hundreds of warriors, Austin had to ran in the direction of the Nonuple Isles. He was almost there in a blink of an eye.

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