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   Chapter 1248 The Group Attack (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6383

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Austin was suddenly assaulted by a formidable combination of slashing vital energy forces and several holy weapons which had the ability to deter one's vital energy force.

Surprisingly, all of the warriors were not some weaklings but had a cultivation base in the premium stage of Primal Holy Realm.

It seemed that in order to thoroughly finish off Austin, the dominant sects and the clans of the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom had prepared sufficient manpower and material resources. They wanted to kill Austin no matter how high the cost was.

They sent not only fourteen overmatches in the premium stage of Primal Holy Realm but also two overmatches in the Semi-holy Realm. They seriously did not want to take any chances in letting him off the hook that easily. They knew Godwin wouldn't stay with Austin forever to protect him, and they were right. Now Austin was left alone all by himself, it was a perfect timing for them to take revenge for the humiliation they had suffered. The queen was actually a surprise for them, but still, they got this.

Austin did not dare to relax even for a second, and was on high alert. If he lost his will to fight even for a moment, then he would surely perish. He continuously released the demonic energy from his bones, the evil aura surging like a fountain towards the heaven.

Austin suddenly activated the Demonic Teleportation Skill, and in a blink of an eye, he instantly materialized a few kilometers away from his previous position. He barely escaped unscathed from the multiple fierce assaults that were launched against him.

Thoroughly aware of the amount of demonic energy within his body at the moment, Austin knew that he could only use the Demonic Teleportation Skill to narrowly dodge the attacks of the warriors in the Primal Holy Realm. He had to take his chances in order to survive.

However, Austin had another problem. If he encountered

ll be the last thing you do before I catch you and tear you into pieces!"

an overmatch snapped at Austin. The fourteen overmatches in the premium stage of Primal Holy Realm realized that instead of facing them head to head, Austin kept fleeing with his bodily movement skill. This made their heads ache and their blood boil from anger.

Besides, Austin's bodily movement skill was insanely fast, and they could hardly keep up. It was a skill which they hadn't encountered before. And all they could do was to try to keep up with his pace like fools playing chicken with Austin.

After a few minutes' chasing Austin all over the area, the men were quite annoyed and perplexed with the situation. However something caught their eyes all of a sudden.

"Look! Can you see that? The sword in his hand is an archaic weapon! It's a magic treasure unlike we've ever seen before."

The eyes of the people were suddenly fixated on the Slaughtering Sword in Austin's hand. A look of astonishment and awe was written all over their faces.

Soon, a glimmer of greed appeared on their cunning eyes. It was the gaze of someone who badly wanted to acquire something precious.

The archaic weapon was really precious to the warriors who were lower than the Primal Holy Realm.

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