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   Chapter 1247 Three Semi-holy Realm Cultivators

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"Ha ha! It's ridiculous!

You said he was a member of the demon race just because he was able to give off evil aura?

What a lame excuse!

Then according to you, all the cultivators who have practiced with demonic energy instead of vital energy are members of the demon race. Is it right?

You don't need to reply to that. What you really want to do is to take my belongings. Why don't you just admit that all of you are robbers!

You must the old bitch of the New Moon Sect! If you want to fight against me, let's just begin. It's merely a waste of time to beat around the bushes!"

Austin said and laughed aloud. He knew those cultivators were pretending to be righteous in order to find a good excuse to kill him.

Many cultivators who were standing around agreed with what Austin said in their minds. They nodded their heads in affirmation.

Although most of the human cultivators practiced skills of using vital energy, there were still other choices.

Some cultivators did not choose the ordinary way to cultivate themselves. Rather they practiced with demonic energy. Thus, they had evil auras inside their bodies just like the demons.

Further, some human cultivators who practiced by the ordinary ways, also needed to absorb evil auras to practice some special skills. These were the skills of evil and negative kinds or diabolic cultivating methods.

In simple words, the practicing ways of human cultivators varied from one another, in the matter of using different energies.

"Hmm! It is nonsensical to say that whoever gives off evil aura is a spy of the demon race!"

A voice was heard suddenly. A tall, middle-aged man with a thin body frame stepped out of the crowd of the East Continent.

Looking at the tall cultivator, everyone realized why he was saying that.

The tall man was giving off a glimmering, black, evil aura from his palms. Apparently he too had practiced some martial arts which made use of evil aura.

According to the middle-aged woman, he was a spy of the demon race too! It made sense why the tall man would support Austin's words.

"All right. Austin, the stinker! Now we need not talk anymore.

I will first capture you. Then we'll check if you are a spy of the demon race!

Let's fight!"

The middle-aged woman was filled with anger and shame as she realized that she could not win an argument against Austin.

She waved her hand which was shining with bright red color. A red handkerchief flew from her hand.

The handkerchief grew 1, 000 times from its original size. It rushed towards Austin swiftly like a huge red cloud which could cover the whole sky.

Instantly, the surface of the sea was affected by the huge handkerchief. It began forming huge waves which were hundreds of meters high and were roaring violently.

The woman was at the Semi-holy Realm!

The middle-aged woman had always hidden her real cultivation base earlier. At that moment, t

re human beings. They are fighting against each other when they should be preparing to fight us!"

some member of the demon race said and laughed. They were mocking the human cultivators who were being extremely foolish.

"Oh! It's them! I knew them!

Hmm! Last time, that woman and that man killed one of my demon avatars. That made me become weaker. I haven't fully recovered even till now. It is really unexpected to see them here again!"

one of the members of the demon race murmured with great hatred. He was tall and covered in thick evil aura.

This one was the Black Demon Imperator, and he recognized Austin and the queen from afar!

Watching the fight of the three cultivators, Austin realized that though the queen of the evil shadow race was fighting against two cultivators at the same time, she had the upper hand. The queen seemed to attack the middle-aged woman of the New Moon Sect and the man in black from the Song Clan more aggressively. She didn't need to defend herself from their attacks as they hardly got chances to attack her.

Amazed at the fighting ability of the queen, Austin was quite relieved.

"Austin, let me see who can protect you now!" Another voice was heard suddenly.

The old man in red gown, who was from the Magic Hand Sect, raised his arms around his chest as if he was hugging something invisible. Instantly, a huge herbal pot giving off the smell of pills appeared. It flew through space in the direction of Austin with great power.

The old man in red gown was at the premium stage of Primal Holy Realm.

"Austin, you stinker! Now, do you regret that you have done so many bad things? Do you think you can offend our large sects and clans, and get away with it? Don't forget that you are only a tiny little guy from a remote small empire!

You shall die!"

Soon, more than ten cultivators started attacking Austin at the same time. He was taken aback by the sudden assault by the group.

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