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   Chapter 1246 Spy Of The Demon Race

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Under the dozen domes formed by archaic weapons, there stood more than ten masters.

"I haven't seen so many archaic weapons in one place before,"

exclaimed Austin.

"You would be surprised…

But most masters who have reached a cultivation base of at least the Semi-holy Realm possess their own archaic weapons.

Only Semi-holy Realm cultivators have the ability to achieve the full potential of archaic weapons,"

the queen replied.

'I see... this is interesting, '

thought Austin as he processed this bit of information.

'Cultivators below the Primal Holy Realm think of archaic weapons as incredible treasures, while most of the masters above the Semi-holy Realm own archaic weapons.'

"Can you maximize the power of that magic fan?"

Austin asked the queen.

He had presented the Rigid Fire Fan to the queen as a gift.

"No, I can't do that right now.

But when I reach the medium stage of Semi-holy Realm, I will be able to use its full force,"

the queen replied honestly.

At the same time, a dozen cultivators belonging to the South Continent started to move secretly.

They silently glanced at one another as they slowly headed towards Austin.

"Be careful. Seems like we have got company,"

the queen reminded Austin.

"Austin, I'd like to see who will come to your rescue this time."

A thunderous voice reached Austin's ears.

Sixteen cultivators surrounded Austin, glaring at him with hatred burning in their eyes.

"Let me guess.

I bet you're from one of the twelve sects or clans I have meddled with, aren't you?" Austin said indifferently, revealing no sign of surprise on his face.

He had paid special attention to the people on the warship.

"Yes, indeed.

It would seem you're not an idiot after all.

But that doesn't change the fact that no one will come to save you this time around!"

a middle-aged man in black answered him with a sneer.

"It looks like your leaders are determined to kill me,"

Austin said, glanced at his enemies.

"Yeah, Austin... you must die and we'll make sure you do," an elder dressed in a red robe responded.

His smile was anything but friendly. There was a coldness that shone clearly through his eyes.

Austin used his spiritu

think you must already know that demons are good at transforming and possessing people.

We should be vigilant at all times and should not give these demons the chance to sneak into our place under any circumstance.

I'm afraid to say this but I strongly suspect that there is a spy from the demon race amongst us all.

and he is... Austin Lin,"

the woman in indigo said surely all of a sudden.

"What? He is a demon?"

The woman's statement left the other cultivators shell-shocked.

"You can spin a bizarre tale the way you want.

But the fact is that you don't have any proof.

You just want to steal my weapons. If you want them, you can take them from me after a fair battle! Why did you have to conjure up such a disgusting excuse?" Austin snapped, smiling due to rage.

Austin was exasperated with the woman. He hadn't imagined that she'd go as far as to accusing him of being a spy from the demon race.

"My friends, I'm telling you the truth and I have evidence to prove what I said.

People in our country have seen Austin release evil aura more than once.

The evil aura he unleashed was as pure as that of demons!

Austin, are you really going to deny that?"

the woman continued her speech, glowering at Austin.

Austin narrowed his eyes and squinted as if he was looking at a bug.

'Many people were there when I displayed demonic skills and released the evil aura in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom.

It's hard to deny that. Now what should I do?'

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