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   Chapter 1245 Infinite Aura

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Thirty minutes had passed.

Nine huge islands appeared on the horizon where the mighty sea was connected with the vast sky.

The strange thing about it was the placement of the islands. They formed a pattern; the biggest one located at the center while the remaining eight islands closely encircled it.

There were two armadas, about ten thousand meters away from these islands. The armadas seemed to be aware of the blood they would end up shedding in that place.

One of them was passing out a strong evil aura. This was enough to indicate that it was the fleet of the demon race.

The other one was of humans.

It was a war between men of the human race and the demon race. The two sides were facing each other though placed at a distance.

Austin along with the others, followed a middle aged man clothed in white. There were two old men, one in green robes and the other in red robes. They all flew towards the group of humans.

There appeared to be three separate groups among humans. It could be made out from where they were positioned.

Austin realized that various different groups must have come from the other three continents to join in this war against the demon race.

With the arrival of the men from the Southern Continent, there were now four groups that had joined in the human army.

The three men, who led Austin and the others, clearly knew all the tier-one cultivators from the other three continents; for they had been greeting and welcoming each and every one of them.

Austin and the others found themselves a quiet spot. As always Austin wanted to stay away from the crowd to avoid any altercation.

Besides these tier-one cultivators, men from different places had been checking each other out. They were assessing the strength of the others around in their minds.

Cultivators of different continents were seldom in touch with other cultivators from other continents in the Prime Martial World.

Now, most of them finally had a chance to meet each other face to face after a long time. They were curious about the strength of the men from the other three continents.

Austin secretly unleashed his spiritual sense. He wanted to check out the power and strength of the men of the other continents.

Soon Austin came to know that the strongest men, among all of them, were from the East Continent.

The ones who came from the West Continent could be placed at the second position. They were followed by those who came from the North Continent.

As a

te aura? What the hell is this thing?"

Austin was thinking about what Wallace had said.

According to his theory, the power of the infinite aura was extraordinary. If one was exposed to it, he or she would lose life energy very quickly and easily perish.

It could even erode spiritual sense.

Austin had never heard or seen anything like that.

It was bound to make him curious.

He thought hard and sent his spiritual sense carefully towards the direction of the Nonuple Isles.

When it was about five thousand meters away from these islands, Austin felt a strong power which had started to erode his spiritual sense.

Within seconds, Austin realized that quite a small part of his spiritual sense had been eroded.

He was shocked by it.

What he had heard earlier about the infinite aura turned out to be true. Indeed his spiritual sense was being eroded by it.

"Ha-ha! I see you are facing some losses.

It is an existence beyond common sense. Even cultivators of the Semi-holy Realm need to use magic treasures to protect themselves before they dare to enter.

Look at the cultivators of the higher level. They are fetching high-class magic treasures now."

The queen's voice echoed in the Soul Sea of Austin.

Austin sensed that all those human cultivators who had been led by Wallace had stopped about five thousand meters away from the islands

They were infusing vital energy force into their magic treasures to activate them before they moved on. They needed to be careful and cautious.

"Archaic weapons!"

Austin shouted in surprise when he saw that all the cultivators were using the archaic weapons to defend themselves.

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